Top Soccer Competitions You Can Bet On

As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that almost every single country on earth has a domestic league in some manner. In soccer hotbeds like Europe and South America, you can find some of the most popular competitions in the world. The likes of England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, and Argentina boast some of the most established leagues anywhere on the planet.

In recent years, however, the MLS in the United States and the Chinese Super League have become more popular. Then, you have other countries like India, Iceland, and Nigeria that have their own teams battling for supremacy in their respective domains. 

Aside from domestic competitions, international and continental tournaments are big deals. Betting on the FIFA World Cup, or Copa America, are always popular. This is because they feature the best players which make for more exciting and highly-skilled matches.

Let’s take a look at the best tournaments in soccer you can gamble on, starting with the international competitions.

Top International Soccer Tournaments

  • FIFA Men’s World Cup – The world’s most-watched sports tournament comes around every four years with the greatest players on the planet competing for glory.
  • UEFA European Championships – The crème de la crème of Europe lock horns for the prestigious title of Europe’s best soccer nation.
  • Copa America – The world’s longest-running international soccer tournament continues to excite fans and bettors alike.
  • African Cup of Nations – Heroes are made when the top African players on the planet fight it out for the greatest prize on the continent.
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup – Bet on the leading women’s soccer teams as they look to lift the prestigious trophy.

Best Soccer Leagues and Cups to Bet On

  • English Premier League – The most popular league on the planet to watch is also the world’s premier league to bet on.
  • La Liga – Spain’s premier division features some of the most divine soccer players in the prime of their careers.
  • Bundesliga – Germany’s top league is popular with bettors around the world. 
  • Serie A – At one time, there was no better league on the planet. Serie A continues to grow in stature, however. 
  • Ligue 1 – France’s best players and teams battle it out for the grand prize — the Hexagoal trophy.
  • MLS – Soccer in the United States has never been more popular, making for some great betting opportunities for fans.

Most Popular Inter-Continental Cups and Leagues

  • European Champions Cup – Since its inception in 1955 as the European Cup, the Champions League is still the biggest prize in European club soccer.
  • UEFA Europa League – Some of the best soccer odds and bets can be found in the secondary club tournament in Europe.
  • Copa Libertadores – One of the truly greatest competitions in soccer is also highly popular with gamblers.

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