The Different Types of Casino Games

The Different Types of Casino Games Each of the aforementioned casino games as well as every other casino game is categorizable in a variety of ways. They can be categorized by the size of the house edge or the required level of skill, in addition to the primary game categories that are commonly employed to do so.

Below, we’ve examined the different categories of casino games and provided further details on each. Additionally, we’ve provided some examples of the games that fit under each category.

Main Casino Game Categories

The following are the main categories used to classify casino games. Please note that many games can fall into more than one of these categories. The Different Types of Casino Games

Card Games

The Different Types of Casino Games

This category, which should be quite obvious, is for card games. Since card games are also played on tables, they technically fall under the category of table games. However, a lot of people do consider card games to be a distinct category of game in and of themselves. Blackjack, baccarat, and Caribbean Stud Poker are the most popular card games played at casinos.

Table Games

The Different Types of Casino Games

These are really straightforward tabletop games. The majority of card games belong within this category, as we noted above, but other well-known examples include roulette and craps.

Electronic Games

This classification is a little out of date because it includes all video games that are played on a machine rather than a table. It’s possible to claim that this holds true for all online games. It includes table games, video poker, and slots in land-based casinos.

Lottery Style Games

Lottery-style games are typically not the most well-liked ones at casinos. They typically entail no decision-making at all and are entirely dependent on luck. Keno is the casino game in this category that is most frequently played.

Jackpot Games

This includes any game with a jackpot that can be won. Jackpots are common in video poker, slots, and a number of table games. For instance, the progressive jackpot in Caribbean Stud Poker is typically won with a royal flush.

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