The 7 Best Tennis Statistics Sites of 2022

The 7 Best Tennis Statistics Sites of 2022 (AllFreeTennis)

The 7 Best Tennis Statistics Sites of 2022: The game is played by two players, who use a racket and a ball to hit the ball back and forth until one player fails to return it. The match is divided into sets, with each set consisting of six games.

Despite Brazil being the “country of football,” many Brazilians keep a close eye on major events, top tennis players, and lately Brazilian tennis players who have underperformed in the sport.

Since it’s still a little-known sport in the country, it’s hard to find a way to get statistics from reliable sources of Brazilian production. That’s why I bring you some tennis-specific websites where you can find solid pre-match analysis.

It is undeniable that statistics are so important in tennis that between sets we can see data about the game such as unforced errors, serve points, etc.

A survey by Revista TÊNIS in 2009 concluded that there are two statistics that are almost decisive for the outcome of a match: total points and breakpoints!

The 7 Best Tennis Statistics Sites

  1. Tennis Explorer

Tennis explorer is one of the world’s leading tennis statistics, player and game research sites.

The site has menus where you can find stats for the main matches, as well as stats for the ‘low level’, an annual calendar, and matches of the day.

The first page presents the latest rankings of the best tennis players in the ATP and WTA, currently led by Djokovic and Barty respectively.

By clicking on each player’s name, you can see personal information such as height, age, and weight, as well as information about the player’s past years, next game, and more.

The site is entirely in English, but sports fans should already be familiar with some terms. Tennis explorer claims to have an extensive database of 35,000 players.

Its slogan is: “Everything you need to bet on tennis”. So this is probably the most complete tennis portal in the world!


  1. Tennis Statistics 247

Tennis stats 247 is one of the few Portuguese tennis stats platforms (from Portugal).

On the home screen, the portal displays several games and leagues that take place on the day of access.

The site even has a menu where you can search player profiles by name and find stats for the current year.

You can still view ATP and WTA rankings, your desired stats for a head-to-head match between two tennis players, or even a tennis stats menu that gives you access to predictions for the matches played that day.


  1. Tennis Gonzo

Oddspedia is a betting site for all sporting events. The site is very new, it was created this year, so there is still very little information available to users.

On the home page, you’ll find today’s games, what’s happened, what’s going to happen, or what’s going on. The portal also features a menu for collecting the latest news from different tennis sites.

Since it is a betting site, the page offering odds cannot be missed. What makes this platform different is that they offer an analytical video, including bets and predictions.


  1. Ultimate Tennis Statistics

Ultimate Tennis Statistics is another great portal that provides tennis statistics not available in Portuguese.

There you can find the results of the day’s games, as well as past results, records, comparisons between the greatest figures in sports history, predictions, and a lot more.

One thing stood out: the site created a “formula” to select the sport’s GOAT. GOAT free translation into Portuguese would be “the best ever”. The ranking is led by Federer, followed by Djokovic and Nadal.


  1. UOL Tennis Magazine

Last but not least, from a statistical field, the Revista Tênis website is
Probably the main representative of this sport in the country. The first physical magazine was published in 2003 and the content is now available on the website.

It’s not exactly a stats portal, but it provides a lot of tennis-related information, and sometimes it touches on the virtues of numbers, and it can’t be excluded from our list.

The magazine provides the latest sports news, as well as ATP and WTA rankings. The highlight of the “Columns” menu, the magazine brings together “selected articles for those who want to learn to play or improve themselves”.

An extensive gallery of publications that were part of previous editions of the magazine, including psychological, tactical, and physical instruction on equipment, interviews, and more. Give your tennis fans a treat.


  1. WTA Statistics

Just the home of the women’s tennis stats provided by the organizers themselves. There you will find the following player stats: aces, double faults, first-serve percentage, first-serve points, second serve points, serve points won, breakpoint percentage, and serve sets won.

Just go in and collect everything.


  1. ATP Statistics

On the ATP Men’s website, you can find all the above stats, plus course type, grass, clay, hard

Get in there and your tennis pre-analysis is a success.


Review conclusion

Keeping up with the stats will help you learn more about this passionate sport.

This data hides secrets that even the most attentive eye in live gaming won’t notice.

No wonder players, coaches, and journalists study the data to prepare for games.

The big game is in the details, keep an eye out for deals and let the greens fill your pockets!

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