The 5 Best Bike Statistics Sites of 2022

The 5 Best Bike Statistics Sites of 2022

The 5 Best Bike Statistics Sites of 2022 In this article, we will discuss some exploratory movements. This is because cycling isn’t popular at all, so whether it’s purely focusing on the sport or placing a bet, it’s ultimately hard to find information about it.

However, after doing good research and general recognition of the cycling market, we have some resources for those who really want to learn more about this little-known sport.

For the average bettor, cycling is not at all a simple race, it requires a lot of knowledge and appreciation of the sport.

Best Bike Statistics Sites 2022

Below we bring the top picks for cycling along with some information that may be useful to bettors.

  1. Pillow

Let’s start with the only updated option in Portuguese. Pelote provides us with daily updated news content, as well as some general information about the game.

The site also has an info tab on off-road bikes and another info on the national cycling scene, which is ultimately also interesting for practitioners, which has grown a lot in Brazil.

Probably the most interesting part of this page is the “Café Com Pelote”, although a bit dated, the board brings up a great interview and ride experience.


  1. Bike News

Going into the world of pro cycling, we have some international websites, in this case in English, but it is very easy to translate or process the information without much difficulty.

Bike News is probably the largest and newest bike page in the world today. Within the site, we have many options to explore, from information about events to information about teams.

On this page we will find a lot of information, including a calendar section and details of all events until next year. In addition, we can also get real-time information in the “Live Reports” tab, which is loaded while playing, which helps with possible live betting.

Also in Cycling News, we can see in the Technology tab everything that is happening outside of the event, and all the technology and evolution that could happen right now.


  1. Cycling Weekly

Another international and fully updated information portal. Cycling Weekly provides more detailed information, especially about specific athletes, which can be very helpful in analyzing sports in which individuals often dominate.

Apart from all the details about some runners and the event itself, this page is a bit different, and for those who want to ride a bike, there is only one tab for product reviews, kits, accessories and other really important stuff. Speaking of experts.


  1. World Cycling Statistics

Really getting into the stats part of the sport, the first portal to find about cycling is World Cycling Stats. While understanding all the terms is not that simple for those who don’t know much about the sport, there is no doubt that the main stats for every event around the world can be found.

In addition to being able to clearly find the details of the time spent by each athlete, the site also provides general information about each race, points and point differences between athletes, sprints, tracks to be covered, and statistics about the team.

The portal also allows for a preliminary study of the race, which contains general information about each athlete who will compete, and develops according to the level of the runner. The entire base scenario can be tracked to get an idea of ​​the teams and athletes that will compete in the relevant event.


  1. Pro Cycling Statistics

For those who really want to place a bet and build a specific model for the bike, the last site is undoubtedly the most attractive. Pro Cycling Stats is a portal where you can find everything mentioned on the previous website, but in a simpler and more objective way where all the necessary information can be easily filtered.

Pro Cycling Stats is your source for finding a team and individual stats. With so much data, it is important to finally understand the relevant movement and work hard to monitor the movement so that all the presented data can be understood.

As the most complete site in the statistics section, this is by far the most important lookup results, history, information about events, games, athletes, and especially predictions based on upcoming statistics.

If you’re interested in learning about or betting on bikes, this is a must-have site. In addition to that, it is still possible to view real-time tracking of all stats during the match.


complete review

Taken together, we can understand and conclude that, despite the difficulties of collecting data and absorbing information, it is indeed possible to specialize in a less popular sport.

That way, it might be more fun because it’s a more obscure sport, as houses don’t have enough foundation to properly price every athlete in every event.

So if you’re going to stop and analyze and bet on a bike, take the time to really study the sport and focus on it, so over time success will be inevitable as you take advantage of the fragility of the market.

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