The 5 Best Major League Baseball Statistics Sites of 2022

The 5 Best Major League Baseball Statistics Sites of 2022

The 5 Best Major League Baseball Statistics Sites of 2022 First, in order to better understand baseball information and statistics, we need at least a basic understanding of the sport in question.

For baseball itself, you also need a good knowledge of English if you want to really master the subject, as the translated terms are not easy to unravel.

This is because baseball, although one of the major sports in the United States, is not a sport that is widely known around the world, so we won’t have many sources of information in Portuguese, not even translations, which we’ve already mentioned: Technical term for games.

Having said that, we have to separate MLB (American League) baseball from baseball in other countries like Mexico, Korea, Japan, etc.

5 (Major League Baseball) Statistics Sites

So let’s collect all these databases with the main site.

  1. Major League Baseball

When it comes to leagues in the US, there is no doubt that the best choice for any sport is always the official website. This applies to the NFL, NBA, NHL, and of course MLB.

Here we can find hundreds of the best and most state-of-the-art race data and statistics, and it’s easier to understand.

Not to mention other information about the league, of course. On, we can find the game table, the classification table, and the best schedule for each game, that is, it is also helpful for qualitative bettors.

We can’t fail to mention the highlights from the official MLB website and updates on injuries. It’s helpful that the website updates every injury situation across all teams with a high frequency and schedule.

Anyone who has dealt with baseball knows how important the presence or absence of certain players is, so it’s easy to get a grip on each team.


  1. Baseball-Reference

Here we have another site with advanced and timely statistics. Every day over 20 seasons cover the world’s major baseball, whether it’s all stats, lineups, and info.

In addition to MLB, Baseball-Reference also contains information on other leagues that may be of interest to baseball bettors.

This is probably the most intuitive site to search for stats sources, and because of its simple and straightforward layout, it’s arguably the best site for beginners or those now learning to play baseball.


  1. Baseball News

In Baseball News, we’ll find news faster and provide general information and game lineups with near-instant updates.

The primary source of information for this site is something called Bullpen Usage, which is a spreadsheet about alternate pitchers.

It shows the details of each item in the past 5 days. This way, it’s easy to see how each athlete is doing when they have a physical problem during the regular season.


  1. ESPN Statistics

On this site, we can find everything in baseball betting statistics. Literally, bettors need to bet with intelligence and quality.

These are the stats for all leagues. Also from the player. On this site you can view everything related to Major League Baseball stats.


  1. Square Diagram

We arrive at one of the most interesting sites when it comes to baseball. However, in order to be able to enjoy the site in the best possible way here, it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of the game and betting analysis.

Like the site, Fangraphs also provides us with more technical material, so having a higher level of knowledge of English is important to deal with all the information it contains.

Help for gamblers who still don’t have much knowledge or know very little about various aspects is to check out the website’s glossary, where you will find a huge explanation sheet detailing every statistic available on the website.

Finally, Fangraphs includes state-of-the-art baseball statistics (in the Leaders and Teams tabs) ranging from pitchers and hitters to collective defensive and offensive information. Still, within the site, you can also find expert articles and more news on the topic.


Minor league baseball

It’s nice to make it clear here how difficult it is to find sites with useful information in the minor leagues in a less popular sport. As with MLB, your best bet is to look up the official website of each game for which you want to find this information.

On these official sites, you can find at least basic information such as the latest news and maybe some simpler statistics to help you with your analysis. In this case, only a page translator can solve your problem.

Perhaps the primary source of information and statistics within the minor leagues, however, is social media. Whether it’s from a league, a team, or even an athlete.

On Twitter and Facebook, in addition to watching the comments of well-informed fans, you can also see the latest good news from the domestic league.

Additionally, clubs often release updated line-ups throughout the game, making the overview a little easier.

Evaluation summary

Think carefully before doing other sports as you will have a hard time extracting information and be able to overcome the gambler.

However, if you want to work with MLB, research each specific term of the game and keep your English very sharp, because it is very necessary.

The most important thing about MLB is that no matter how sharp your model is, the odds of beating a bookmaker in a league of this size are very slim, so be fully aware that setbacks can and should happen. Succeed in these ranges before the league.

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