Soccer Betting Explained: Rules and Basics

Soccer Betting Explained

Soccer Betting Explained Chances are you know the basics of soccer. But in case you don’t, we’ll explain how it all works.

  • There are two teams of eleven players on the pitch.
  • The objective of the game is to outscore the opponent at the end of the match. 
  • There are 90 minutes in a standard soccer match, separated into two 45-minute halves with 15 minutes for half-time.
  • Injury/stoppage time is added on by officials to compensate for any breaks in play. The clock does not stop for fouls or any similar incidents.
  • The team that has scored the most goals at the end of the game wins. Although in tournaments, games can be decided by penalty kicks if teams are locked at the end of extra time.

The rules for betting on soccer, however, go a little deeper.

Even the world’s best-betting sites for soccer are in the industry to make a profit. Sure, one bettor might win consistently, but another out there is losing just as frequently. Quite often because they have not learned the basics of how to bet on soccer.

If that sounds like you, then you’ll want to continue reading this soccer betting guide. We’re going to explain all the nuances you should be aware of when you bet on soccer for money online.

Soccer Betting Explained Check the Main Terms and Conditions

It’s vital to know about the terms and conditions covering the bet you are placing. 

These days, most reputable soccer betting sites have a little question mark or pop-up window you can click on that explains how soccer betting works on their site.  Whether it’s the first goalscorer, or the team to win the game, there are multiple ways that the bookies can void your bets. And the t’s and c’s can change depending on the site you are betting with. 

For example, some bookies will declare a match result after 40 minutes have been played. Other sites require the game to reach the final whistle before a result is accepted. What’s more, disruptions due to weather or pitch invasions can ultimately cost you in the long run. Furthermore, if there is a debate over the player that has scored a goal, this could also lead to your bet being void.

Match Winners Don’t Always Pay Out

Many have hit the ceiling in joy and started spending their winnings only to find that they are, in fact, a loser.

The team may have scored the decisive goal in extra time to lift the cup. But that doesn’t mean you have won your bet. This is because most soccer bets are only valid for the winner after the final whistle. Some bookies do not count a game that has gone to extra time. So, always check the terms and conditions before you bet on soccer matches.

Sites Can Void Bets on Rescheduled Matches

Looking for Real Madrid to win that final leg of your accumulator?

If the match they are playing in has been rescheduled, make sure to check the bookie will still cover your bet/s. Some online sites for gambling on soccer will treat any unplayed or postponed match as a non-runner in certain cases.

Usually, most sites will allow a bet to stand on a match providing it is played within four to five days after the original date and time. This is something that can trip up many bettors. So, make sure you know the score, so to speak.

Learn What Stats are Used by Sites to Settle Wagers 

With a rapidly evolving landscape, our soccer betting experts are always keen to stay ahead of the curve. 

That involves reading through a landfill of information that the average bettor doesn’t have time to do. That means, well, things can go amiss. Ergo, we implore anyone looking to bet on soccer online to check the statistics any of the top online soccer sportsbooks use to settle wagers. These can vary from using PA Media’s stats, to sites using their own in-house numbers.

One sounds better than the other, wouldn’t you say? That’s why it’s so important to arm yourself with this information.

Always Consult with the Bookie if You are Unsure

We don’t emphasize the importance of using the most trusted soccer betting sites for no reason. Any experienced bettor will tell you that things can often go awry. And when they do, answers aren’t always readily available.A sportsbook worth its salt will always have strong customer support lines in place.

One of the best things about such a function is that you can consult with operators if you are unsure about your bets. It’s encouraging to find the answers you are looking for regarding a potential voided bet, for example, on a site. Now, not every bookie provides that, and we’re not majorly keen on those that fail to do this.

But if there is no customer service consultant accessible to answer any queries, we’d strongly suggest giving that site the wide berth. After all, the site could decide to make up its own rules about how to settle your bet and you probably wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

Soccer Betting Explained Master the Basics of Soccer Betting

It’s crucial to nail the fundamentals of soccer betting before you start risking your hard-earned money. In other words, learn the rules before you think about breaking them. Understanding how soccer bets work — and how the bookies can rightfully refuse to pay out on certain conditions — will undoubtedly help you improve your game in this department.

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