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Bet365 casino Is Reliable & Secure?

Bet365 casino reviews are different from the majority of others because most people reading already have a pretty good idea of who they are. A household name for anyone interested in online sports betting, this bookmaker has proven itself as an absolute powerhouse amongst some incredibly tough competition. However, that battle never stops.

This is an industry that is constantly innovating, improving, and moving forward, whether that be on making horse racing bets better value and more interesting, or any other of the many facets which make up a hugely varied and versatile jack-of-all-trades betting site. So, in this Bet365 review, we’ll be seeing if, after all this time at the top, they still have what it takes to stand high above the many contenders nipping at their heels. We will take a look at how the quality of the bookmaker translates to bet365 ratings.

Bet365 Casino Welcome Offer

No betting site is complete without a quality set of promotions. However, there’s more to a good bonus than a generous sounding title, as it’s the terms and conditions that really determine its value to customers. This means not all bonuses are made equal, although we certainly agree that a lot of high-quality bookmakers have astonishingly great value promotions.

If this seems surprising, remember that incredible amount of competition we talked about before. The fact is that all bookmakers are doing everything they can to convince you to pick them over all the rest, so they have every reason to be generous. We have high hopes and will consider the bonus quality of vital importance in our Bet365 ratings.

Bet365 casino The promotional offering

There’s a whole host of promotions here, including several that are focused solely on horse racing. Firstly, you have the Bet365 CA price promise, which ensures you get the best price matched against top selected bookmakers for races shown on ITV Racing.

Sticking with that channel for the moment, there are also best odds guaranteed. This ensures that you get the best odds adjusting for fluctuations before the race. You can also choose your place terms for each way horse racing bets on selected races.

In addition, there’s the “My Horses” bonus, which allows you to create a stable of your favorite horses and get updates whenever they run. We love this kind of promotion: one which really helps you invest in your bets. And innovation is something that is certainly looked upon kindly in the Bet365 reviews.

Finally, there’s the ability to watch every race in the UK and Ireland live from your desktop or mobile device. They even have a racing archive, so you can get replays of all these races for free. This is before we get to all the promotions that are specific to Australian racing, including Odds Drift Protector, 365 Top Tope plus, 365 Tote, 365 International, Top Fluctuation, and more, all designed to protect your odds and ensure you get the most from your bets.

Elsewhere there’s also the incredibly generous “Up to $200 in bet credits” open account offer for Bet365 CA players. Your deposit is matched 100% up to a $200 maximum which isn’t as big as some offers but it’s no less impressive. There are also whole pages worth of accumulator bonuses, enhanced prices, money back offers, mobile-exclusive and additional special offers with the same incredible quality found for horse racing fans. While we’re primarily concerned with horse racing, we’d be remiss to not point out what an incredible jack-of-all-trades Bet365 has become.

Bet365 casino Usability, Look & Feel

One area that is often overlooked when it comes to Bet365 ratings is the importance of a well-designed betting site. Now, we know that part of this – the aesthetic side of things – is to a large degree subjective. Some people may like a light and colorful site whereas others prefer their betting sites to be a little more traditional and reserved. So, we don’t make a judgment on what style they have chosen but rather how well they pull it off.

Bet 365 is very much at the latter end of that spectrum, with a style befitting its place as a pillar of online betting. It’s minimalistic, straightforward, and sporty, and for those of you who like that approach, we would say they indeed do a very good job.

Another positive for our Bet365 ratings is that this approach also makes a betting site easier to structure in a logical and easy-to-use way. That’s because there’s nothing unnecessary taking up space. It is clear after a little use that everything here is crafted to be as easy and as welcoming as possible.

It’s all logically laid out and from a technical standpoint too, everything works as smooth as butter. We had no technical hiccups or slowdown of any kind and that is across our testing on multiple devices. That means that, although we cannot guarantee you will have no issues yourself – it’s always a possibility on even the very best betting sites – we do think the Bet365 CA site has to rank towards the absolute upper echelon in this regard.

License & Security

Bet365 reviews seem to indicate that the license and security of the site are solid. While we never want to make assumptions before we do our tests, we’re pretty positive about the answer to the question ‘is Bet365 reliable?’ After all, they didn’t get into the position they are in, nor have they garnered the excellent reputation they have, without being flawless in this regard.

However, just to assure you further, we do note that they are regulated for Bet365 CA players by the government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. They also utilize 128-bit encryption technology to keep your data safe from potential hackers, meaning that you don’t need to worry about inputting sensitive financial and personal information into the site.

Also, while this isn’t necessarily relevant to horse racing, it is something that we count towards our Bet365 ratings, and that is the usage of random number generators to ensure all of the casino games are both provably fair and random. This is relevant to horse racing fans not only because we know there is a lot of crossover with casino players, but also because it paints a picture of the quality of Bet365 CA generally.

Finally, Bet365 CA have an extensive responsible gaming policy including links for help and support, alongside practical measures to encourage people to keep their gambling within limits. This shows the operator is dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for all their customers. So, is Bet365 secure? Absolutely.

As a leading page on horse betting and sports, we ensure you that our players only enjoy the services of the safest sites around. So, if you’ve ever asked ”Is Bet365 safe?” or is “Bwin reliable?” we can and will set your mind at ease at the fact that we personally test each site for its quality of service.

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Bet365 casino Betting Markets

We’ll begin with horse racing and even from this sports betting snippet, it is clear that what is offered by Bet365 in terms of variety is absolutely staggering. You have horse racing across the whole world, from North America to Australia and Europe, and plenty in-between. Bet365 reviews seem to show that punters are pleased with the overall betting markets on the site.

To put it simply, there are more options here than anyone could ever need. And that’s also the story when we look elsewhere because the sports selection here is a truly international one. Whether you are looking for the NHL, the NFL, the Soccer World Cup, darts tournaments, MMA fighting – really, whatever you are into, wherever it is, if you can bet on it anywhere, you should be able to find it here.

On top of that, the sports markets offered are also absolutely immense. You can bet on how many corners are taken in a soccer game, for instance, or if a player will be sent off in the first half. In terms of choice, there can be little doubt that Bet365 is up there with only a very elite few.

Live betting & streaming

There’s perhaps no part of the Bet365 reviews that has wider implications than this. The quality of live betting and live streaming does not exist in a vacuum: it showcases how good the site is technically more generally by pushing it to its limits, and this is especially the case when it comes to mobile.

Horse racing is also perfect for this, with so many great races from around the world shown live. We’ve checked out countless races and just to reiterate, we are yet to come across a single technical hiccup, meaning smooth streaming and seamless live betting.

We also made sure to check out the many other sports that are available on Bet365 and can confirm that the excellent experience we enjoyed in those races was consistent throughout. The quality of the live betting was also flawless when it came to updates and allowed us to react and make bets quickly, whether on desktop or on the go with the Bet365 app.


In terms of horse racing, there’s really nothing to worry about when it comes to odds quality. Not only is their reputation excellent in this regard generally, but there’s also a whole host of promotions – which we mentioned earlier – that are available to Bet365 CA users to ensure that quality.

Just to be clear, the price promise ensures the best price for every horse race on ITV racing against a selection of top-tier bookmakers – a price match if you will. Meanwhile, the best odds guaranteed offer means that you get the best of the price fluctuations before the race, so you don’t need to take to SP if it’s not the best value. Plus, this is all without mentioning the promotions specific to Australian racing that we mentioned earlier.

This quality is found elsewhere too, with Bet365 maintaining competitive odds across all kinds of sports in their extensive game variety. What’s truly impressive is the level of consistency they manage throughout, which is something of a theme. This has seemingly had a positive impact on the overall Bet365 reviews.


Just as is the case with sports in general at Bet365, there are no set limits either in winnings or the maximum amount you can bet with the bookmaker. Instead, these are set by the bookmaker every 24 hours to best reflect the markets that day. Additionally, the status of your account can also be a factor in how much you can bet with the bookmaker. Some accounts have restrictions placed upon them which means they cannot wager as much as others.

Realistically though, for the vast majority of people, this should not be an issue. While we can’t tell you exactly what the limits for a particular race will be, we can say those limits go beyond what the average person would never bet, so only the highest of high rollers need be concerned. Checking if you’re within the limits couldn’t be simpler: just place the bet you want and if it goes beyond the limit, it will be rejected and you’ll be informed. If it does not get rejected, then there should be no issue.

Sportsbook Conclusion

We’re happy to say that the sportsbook – which is surely the most important part of any Bet365 ratings – has come off without a hitch. The game variety here is fantastic, especially the number of markets available for horse racing fans. Their great reputation for odds is backed up by excellent promotions, guaranteeing their quality. Plus, the live experience, whether you are streaming or not, at home or on the go, is world-class.

Match that with a solid reputation for limits and you have pretty much all the sportsbook markets, and all the horse racing, you should ever need. Simply compare the offering with our Guts Sports ratings or Bwin review to see for yourself.

Pros / Cons
  • One of the most well known and trusted brands in the online gambling industry.
  • Dedicated mobile gambling app for iOS and Android for real money betting on the go.
  • Fast payouts of winnings, paid in less than 24 hours during this Bet365 review.
  • Wide variety of sports betting options with some of the most up-to-date live betting odds you’ll find online.
  • Limited live dealer casino games.
  • Multiple restricted countries, including the US.
  • Lack of promotions and bonuses compared to other online gambling sites.

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Perhaps the fastest way to understand the kind of quality that Bet365 CA users can expect from the casino offers is to consider the software developers behind the games. As you may expect from such a huge name, it really is an all-star list, with the likes of Quickspin, Ash Gaming, Plan G, and many more having a happy home right here to showcase their quality and creativity.

Game portfolio

While we would view quality to be more important than quantity in our Bet365 ratings, we would always rather have both. Thankfully, there’s an incredible amount of choice here. That includes dozens upon dozens of world-class slots, card games, table games, video poker, jackpots – you name it, you are likely to find it here.

You may be wondering though if you have seen a flaw in that we’ve not mentioned bingo games yet. Well, never fear, as that is actually because there is a whole dedicated bingo section as part of this site. Absolutely sensational stuff.

Bet365 Casino Live 

Rounding off this absolute kaleidoscope of wonderful betting options is a world-class live casino, which is another section to have the distinction of its own part within the Bet365 betting site. The tagline here suggests you head straight to the tables for a live betting experience from the comfort of your own home. And with such an exceptional product – featuring several different versions of blackjack and roulette for starters, and even its own promotions – we can’t see any reason not to.


The limits here obviously work on a game-by-game basis, and with so many games to choose from, going through them all here would take far too long for any Bet365 reviews. With that said, how much you can bet and win in terms of jackpots is generally advertised quite prominently, and you can always check bet settings in certain games for further confirmation.

Although once again in this Bet365 review, we can’t give you exact details on what game you will be playing – because there is far too many for us to guess – we can say that there are plenty of scopes here for the casual user as well as high rollers. Every type of player is truly catered for here.

Product Conclusion

It’s absolutely world-class stuff here from Bet365, proving beyond any doubt that the additions to their sportsbooks are far from afterthoughts. The casino here is as beautifully designed, high quality, and varied as any other part of their spectacular betting site, and is perfect for those who want to mix up their sports betting with some additional casino games.

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Overall Conclusion

Now that we have explored every nook and cranny of what makes this legendary bookmaker tick in our Bet365 reviews, we can only conclude that it well and truly deserves all the accolades it has received over the years.

Whether you are just looking to bet on horse racing or want an excellent jack-of-all-trades betting site to cater to all your interests, we are happy to say that our Bet365 ratings are up there with the absolute best. Is Bet365 secure in its position? Right now, absolutely. It offers terrific quality and variety from top to bottom – simply wonderful stuff.

Bet365 casino Review FAQ

Yes, I believe so! After spending a significant amount of time playing at this casino, I have no reason to believe they aren’t legitimate. I have placed bets there and played several of their games. I’ve deposited money and withdrawn it.

I also spent a couple hours sifting through user reviews to see if other people questioned the credibility of this casino, but I was unable to find anything of the sort.

While Bet365 is based out of the United Kingdom, you can still play it if you live in other parts of the world. Below is a list of some of the other countries that can legally play at Bet365 at the time of this writing.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Indonesia
  • Fiji Islands
  • French Polynesia
  • Japan
  • New Caledonia
  • New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Thailand
  • Samoa
  • Solomon Islands
  • Vanuatu

Please note that we’re not legal professionals. If you have any questions regarding the legality of playing at Bet365, then we recommend reaching out to a legal professional in your area.

Head on over to the Bet365 website and be ready to enter in some personal details. You can get signed up in 10 minutes or less.

There are a few differences, but the main one is that the Bet365 app doesn’t offer the same selection of games as the Bet365 website.

The Bet365 support team can be reached through phone, live chat, and email. All of their contact details are conveniently provided on the site.

Payout times vary depending on the withdrawal method you choose. PayPal and Skrill payouts take less than 24 hours, while cash at the casino cage is instant. You can alternatively request a bank transfer or card payout, which takes one to five business days or sign up for a Bet365 MasterCard, which allows you to enjoy instant withdrawals of $5 to $5,000.

The minimum deposit at the Bet365 online sports betting site $10. You can deposit via a credit card, debit card, prepaid voucher, Skrill, PayPal or an online bank transfer. The maximum deposit varies according to the method you select.

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100% wagering credit deposits up to $200 .

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