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Popular Golf Betting Events can be found almost every weekend throughout the year. In fact, when you factor in all the different tours around the world and take into account the men’s, women’s, and seniors’ competitions, most weekends feature several tournaments or events. It’s hard to choose between all of them.

Popular Golf Betting Events But there are some events that stand out on the calendar and generate the most fan interest on golf betting sites. When you bet on these tournaments and competitions, you usually have the largest selection in the market. These are also the most popular events among futures bettors, who lash out at them ahead of the event.

Sports betting books check out our list of top golf events on the calendar. Circle them on your calendar now so you can be ready to place some golf bets online when they arrive.

  • Masters are Held every spring at the Augusta Country Club in Georgia, there is no more traditional event in the United States. The course is known for its tricky greens and the famous hole known as “Amen’s Corner”. For American players, winning the master’s is one of the ultimate goals.
  • US OpenUnlike the Masters, the U.S. Open is played at a different location each summer. It is run by an organization called the USGA, which prides itself on selecting only the most difficult courses. It also stands out as an open tournament in that anyone who plays golf can play technically as long as they play well enough in a qualifying tournament that is open to everyone.
  • British Open The courses chosen for the British Open come from all over the UK and are often one of the oldest in the world. Their quaint setting combined with the erratic weather made this game very difficult to win. In Europe, no tournament is held in higher esteem.
  • PGA Championship was the fourth in the so-called “major” tournament, which also includes the Masters, U.S. Open, and British Open. It’s played on a different course and is now the second major tournament (which used to be the last) every year. Any player who wins all four championships in a season will complete the “Grand Slam,” but this has only been done once in the past year. History (Bobby Jones, 1930.)
  • Ryder Cup The Ryder Cup gives players the opportunity to play as a team, which is unusual in the golf world. Teams from the United States and Europe compete every two years to compete for golf supremacy. Using the team format allows for unique matches, such as quads and foursomes, to test players in a different way than in typical tournaments.
  • Presidents CupThe event takes place in years when the Ryder Cup is idle. Again, this is America’s best participation, but in the Presidents Cup, they accept players from the world (every other non-US region except Europe). Both the Presidents Cup and the Ryder Cup offer interesting betting opportunities not found in regular tournaments.
  • Players Championship Many golf fans consider the player to be the unofficial fifth major. It certainly attracts a field that rivals any of the top golf championships in the world. It’s held every year in Pontevedra, California, in a stadium setting, unlike anything a major championship has to offer.
  • World Golf Championship Match PlayMost golf tournaments pit individual players against the entire course, and the person with the most points after four rounds wins. WGC-Match Play changes that by having players play one-on-one in a match play format. Create brackets like you might find during March Madness to determine each round of matchups.
  • U.S. Women’s opening the women’s game, some games have risen in importance over the past few years, while others have faded away. But the U.S. Women’s Open has been the pinnacle of the sport since it was first held in 1946. The best in women’s golf compete on top courses every year for the most prized trophies.

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