Picks and Predictions for the USFL Games for Week 2, 2022

The historic first week of the USFL is in the books. It’s been a long time coming for the USFL, but it finally made its return. Four teams started their season 1-0 and will continue to try and improve their record in Week 2 of the 2022 season.

For the teams who weren’t able to get a win in their first game of the season, they’ll be trying to get in the winner’s column themselves. The USFL is broken into two divisions being the North and the South.

Every single South team was able to win, which is an interesting note heading into Week 2. The Tampa Bay Bandits won by the biggest point differential (+14), but a win is a win at the end of the day.

Let’s take a look at the USFL odds for Week 2’s matchups.

USFL Odds for Week 2 of the 2022 Season

  • Michigan Panthers (+105) vs. New Jersey Generals (-125), O/U 41.5
  • Pittsburgh Maulers (+215) vs. Philadelphia Stars (-260), O/U 36.5
  • Birmingham Stallions (-150) vs. Houston Gamblers (+130), O/U 41
  • New Orleans Breakers (+120) vs. Tampa Bay Bandits (-140), O/U 40.5

We have a very notable change in the USFL odds for Week 2 compared to Week 1. That would be the point totals, which are significantly lower in Week 2. Out of the 4 games last week, 3 of them went under by a significant margin.

That lowered the point totals to basically a full touchdown less than last week. The average point total in Week 1 was 48 points, Week 2 dropped to an average of 39.8. The offenses struggled to get going in a lot of games, so they’ll try and pick up the pace this week.

The four teams that will be favored to win include the New Jersey Generals, Philadelphia Stars, Birmingham Stallions, and Tampa Bay Bandits. Even though the Gamblers and Breakers won their first game of the season, they will be underdogs for Week 2.

That’s because they are facing the other teams in their division who are also 1-0 coming into this game. It should be interesting to see which teams are capable of beating the better teams for this USFL season.

Not only winning the games you are supposed to win is important, winning against teams that offer a strong challenge might be even more important. Even with the sample size so small and the season barely underway, these games could be indicators of which teams are truly the best.

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USFL Predictions for Who Wins in Week 2

  • New Jersey Generals Over Michigan Panthers
  • Philadelphia Stars Over Pittsburgh Maulers
  • Birmingham Stallions Over Houston Gamblers
  • Tampa Bay Bandits Over New Orleans Breakers

I am backing the books for Week 2 of the USFL season. The favorites all have great chances to win after Week 1, but I will say that the season is still very young. Anything can happen and these games should be close just like last week.

First up is the New Jersey Generals taking on the Michigan Panthers. The Panthers looked incredibly sloppy in Week 1, fumbling the ball an incredible 9 times. Yes, you read that correctly, 9 times. They only lost two, but they have a lot of cleaning up to do after Week 1.

The Generals dropped their first game of the season to the Stallions, but it was a solid effort. Their defense can use some work, but the 1-2 combo of Generals’ quarterbacks can cause headaches to opposing defenses.The Maulers couldn’t get anything going against the Bandits and lost by 14 points. The Stars were able to put up 17 points in Week 1, so their offense is coming off a way better performance.

Was the Gamblers’ defense very good last week, or the Panthers’ offense just terrible? It’s very unlikely that the Stallions fumble 9 times this week, so that should give them a good chance of beating the Gamblers.

Finally, the Bandits just might be the best team in the USFL. Jordan Ta’amu threw two interceptions in Week 1 and they still won by 14. The Breakers are tough themselves, so this should be a very close game.

Watch out for the Bandits for this week and in the 2022 USFL season.

Best USFL Bets for Week 2 Games (2022)

Michigan Panthers vs. New Jersey Generals Over 41-110

Pittsburgh Maulers +6.5-110

Birmingham Stallions -3-110

For my best USFL picks for Week 2, I have two spreads and one over bet to place. The over bet is going to be in the Michigan Panthers and New Jersey Generals game.

Yes, I know I already talked about the Panthers’ 9 fumbles and their offensive struggles. With that being said, this should be a nice wake up call for them to take care of the ball and keep the drives moving. They still put up 12 points, which is impressive considering just how bad they played.

The Generals’ quarterbacks look pretty dangerous together. Luis Perez is a solid passer and De’Andre Johnson is a huge threat on the ground. They scored 24 points in their first game and I wouldn’t be surprised if they got there again in Week 2.

New Jersey also gave up the most points in Week 1 of any team (28), so they could be a perfect team to bet the over for.

The Pittsburgh Maulers’ spread is too big for me to ignore. They played arguably the best team in the USFL in Week 1, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. 3 of the games in Week 1 were decided by 6 points or less, so I’m not expecting them to be blown out by 14 again.

Even though the Generals’ two quarterbacks made things interesting in Week 1, the Stallions were able to prevail. They take on the Gamblers this week, who benefited greatly from Michigan’s terrible Week 1 performance.

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