Open: Tiger Woods swings ‘as always’ ahead of St Andrews, says Justin Thomas

Open: Tiger Woods

Open: Tiger Woods played 18 holes with Justin Thomas on Saturday night and a full practice round on Sunday morning; former world No. 1 makes British Open debut since 2019 – watch on Sky Sports Open 150th British Open live-streamed all week

Justin Thomas believes it’s “no surprise” that Tiger Woods is vying for a historic 16th major title after training with him before the 150th Open.

Open: Tiger Woods chipped and circled the Old Course with Thomas on Saturday night, running all 18 holes until well after 10:30 p.m. local time, before returning the next morning for a full practice round.

The pair kicked off just after 8:30 a.m. on Sunday in front of a large gallery and in sunny conditions, a round that was Woods’ first 18 holes in practice in a big week of the year.

Woods is unwell as he continues to battle an injury he suffered in a car crash last February, walking with a noticeable limp and apparently struggling to bend over to pick up his jersey, although Thomas believes the former world number one also has bright spots. game.

“Yeah, your swing still looks as good as ever,” Thomas said after a round of practice. “Would it surprise me if he challenged me this week? No. I’ve learned better than anything challenging him.

“I’m a little bit impressed with him. I know he’s going to withhold some information. But I’m trying to get as much information out of him as possible because he’s doing so well in this place.”

Woods’ appearance at St Andrew’s will be his third full game since his career-threatening leg and ankle injuries in a crash last year and the 46-year-old is keen to give St Andrews “at least more. High-level racing.”

The iconic course is where Woods won his first Open by eight shots at St Andrews in 2000 – on his way to the “Tiger Slam” – and returned five years later to take the lead Colin Montgomery had a 5.

The three-time Open champion struggled to return to the Masters over the weekend and retired with an injury before the final round of the PGA Championship. get ready”. compete.

“He [Woods] doesn’t look good, he’s uncomfortable,” said Jamie Weir of Sky Sports News, who accompanied Tiger during practice rounds. “He limped against the putter as he went up the hill to the sixth tee. He hit a rider on the fourth tee only to bend over to pick his tee off the ground. , which requires considerable effort. He.

“He’s obviously still in pain. He’s obviously pulled out of the U.S. Open to make sure his body is in top shape for the Open Championship, but when we saw him at the U.S. Open a few months ago, he didn’t look good. … PGA Championship too.

“He made the cut in Tulsa, he made the cut in the Masters, but his body isn’t what it is now. It’s a course he loves, it’s a major Open Championship, and he’s not going to miss it.

“It’s his favorite course and he talks about how much he loves the old course, if there’s one course he can walk around without too much discomfort it’s this one. It’s not long, it’s flat. Better than Tiger Woods’ golf course.”

Open: Tiger Woods What’s next?

Woods will take part in Monday’s R&A Champions Celebration live on Sky Sports, a four-hole team event featuring the former golf champion, major women’s champion, and many big names.

The Open’s final consecutive winner will be joined by AIG Women’s Open Georgia Hall champion and two-time Open champion Lee Trevino in the final group from 5:05 pm BST.

Woods is scheduled to speak to the media at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, when he may be asked about the difficulties he faces playing the final men’s tournament of the year and respond to speculation about his long-term future in the sport.

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