Online Gambling Advantages for Poker Players

Poker is different from casino games because you compete against other players instead of competing against the house.

That means that the game features that online poker players appreciate the most are different from the advantages that online casino players enjoy.

Here are some of the benefits of playing poker online.

Online Poker Software Features

Several in-game features are available when you play poker online that are not available for any other game, in person or online.

Many of these features will make you a better poker player.

  • In-game notes allow you to record any patterns you see from other players so you can keep track of their habits.
  • Four-color decks make it easier to differentiate between different suits, especially when playing on a small screen.
  • Range calculators can help you determine the range of possible hands that your opponents may have. You can use them to calculate your potential outcomes.
  • Heads-up displays track your opponent’s moves and display them so that you can easily use their past actions to make game decisions.
  • Hand analysis programs analyze your moves and compare them with your opponents. They can help you learn from your mistakes, and they can help you understand your opponents if you repeatedly play against the same players.
  • Pot displays tell you exactly how much is in the pot from one moment to the next. You can focus on your game strategy because you don’t have to pause to figure out how much money is in the pot.

In addition to all of these features built into the online poker software, you can also take advantage of additional programs that track and evaluate your hands or train you on how to play the game.

Online poker is very different from in-person poker. You do not have the advantage of seeing other players’ faces or body language.

Because you can’t rely on the “tells” that usually indicate how other players are doing, you have to rely on software features that help you analyze their moves.

That will help you become a better poker player for in-person games too.

Play Poker for Smaller Stakes

Another benefit of playing poker online is that you can play for much smaller stakes.

Land-based casinos typically have $1/$2 games as the lowest available blinds. Those low-stakes games often come with $200 or $300 buy-ins.

When you play real money poker online, you can find games with penny/two-penny blinds. It is easy to find games where the buy-in is only $10.

Not only do the games start with lower blinds, but online poker players also raise at less drastic rates than land-based players.

It is common to see players raise $10-$15 during the pre-flop betting round when you play a $1/$2 No-limit hold ’em game in person. That is as much as seven times the big blind.

In an online game with the same size blinds, most players only raise three times the big blind. So, a $6 pre-flop raise online should be interpreted the same as a $15 pre-flop raise in person.

So, not only can you play poker for smaller stakes online, but because the bet sizing is much smaller compared to live poker games, you’ll experience less variance too.

Multi-Table Gaming Allows You to Play More

When you play poker in a land-based casino or even a home poker game, you can only play one game of poker at a time.

Unfortunately, the laws of physics do not allow you to be seated at multiple tables simultaneously, so you are stuck with the game at the table in front of you.

Online poker players can split their screens, which essentially allows them to be at multiple tables at one time. You can play up to thirty online poker tables at one time if you can keep track of everything going on.

There are different methods of setting up your display and game settings so that you can pay attention to the game that requires your immediate attention.

Multi-table poker gives you more practice because you end up paying way more hands in the same amount of time. The more practice you get, the better poker player you will be.

If you are a professional poker player, you can use multi-table gaming to increase your hourly rate.

As long as you have your game set up to pay close enough attention to each table, you can win a lot more money because you play so many more hands than a single game of poker.

Tournaments and Cash Games Give You Options

Online poker sites also give you more options for the game formats that you want to play.

Some people prefer tournament-style poker, while others prefer cash games. You don’t have to choose one or the other when you play poker online.

Poker sites online have way more tournament options than land-based poker rooms.

Here are a few examples of different poker tournament types that you may find online.

  • Sit-and-go tournaments begin as soon as the table is full, which means you always know exactly how many players will be in the tournament. They are smaller tournaments, but you can play them anytime without worrying about logging on at a specific time.
  • Satellite tournaments offer entries into larger tournaments instead of a first-place prize. Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP main event after winning satellite tournaments.
  • Bounty tournaments have two prize pools. The first is a regular prize for whoever wins the hand, and the second is a bounty prize that gets awarded to any player that knocks another player out of the tournament.
  • Re-buy tournaments allow players to pay for a second buy-in to stay in the tournament after their chip stack gets below a certain threshold. Online poker sites typically offer re-buy tournaments that allow players to maintain their position instead of starting over.

All of these different poker tournaments are available every day online.

More importantly, they are available at a variety of different buy-in levels. You can choose the play the tournament that matches your skill level best.

Land-based poker rooms typically only have a single tournament each day. If that tournament is not the game you want to play or if the buy-in is more than you can afford to spend, you are out of luck.You can always find a poker tournament available at the level you want to play when you play poker online.

Another benefit of online poker tournaments is that they offer much larger prize pools. You would expect them to have smaller pools because the buy-ins are typically smaller.

But, because online poker tournaments include people from all over the world, there are hundreds of more players involved. The prize pool adds up quickly because there are so many players.

It is possible to find online poker tournaments with $1-$10 buy-ins that offer $10,000 in prize money.

Those prize and blind combinations are almost impossible to find in person because land-based poker rooms do not have enough players to generate large prize pools for low-stakes tournaments.

Online poker is genuinely distinct from in-person poker. You might be playing Texas hold ‘em in both instances, but online poker requires a different set of skills than land-based poker. The software features, tournament options, and low-stakes that are available online will help you become a better poker player, allow you to play poker more often, and offer better prices.

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