Monte Carlo Tennis Live Betting

Monte Carlo Tennis

Monte Carlo Tennis is one of the most popular sports for live betting. The constant twists and turns, the huge number of matches, and the high limits of most sportsbooks are just some of the reasons why.

If you want to give it a try, our guide to living tennis betting is just what you need. We offer useful information on the different markets for tennis live betting, and tips that can help you develop a winning strategy. We also explore the main differences between betting on men’s and women’s tennis.

Monte Carlo Tennis What Is Live Tennis Betting?

Let’s begin by explaining how live betting on tennis works. Basically, you are given the opportunity to place your wagers while matches are taking place. Sportsbooks offer odds that are dynamic and change constantly based on the latest developments of a match.

Monte Carlo Tennis

Monte Carlo Tennis Bookmakers use software to automatically adjust the prices based on the latest score and stats, as well as the wagers placed by the customers. There’s also usually at least one real person observing a match, and making sure there are no big mistakes in the odds that could cost the betting sites a lot of money. The bookies use both software and human traders to set their live tennis betting odds.

The markets for live betting on tennis include all the traditional options for pre-match gambling. There are also unique wagers that are only available when you bet on tennis live.

Let’s take a look at the most popular live tennis wagers.

Match Winner – You can bet on either of the players to win the match.

Total Sets/Games  You can place a wager on the number of sets or games that will be played. Sportsbooks offer a line and you pick over or under.

Handicap/Spread – In this market, you bet on whether the favorite will win by at least the handicap/spread, or whether the underdog will lose by less than the handicap/spread.

To Win the Next Point/Game/Set  These are unique in-play tennis betting markets where you can back a player to win the next point, game, or set.

Next Player to Break – You can also place wagers on which player will claim the next service break.

The best live tennis betting sites have all these options and many more. For the biggest competitions, like Grand Slam events, the wagering options are usually increased.

One of the main reasons why live gambling on tennis can be so profitable is the range of in-play bets available. With so many options, it becomes easier to find good value wagers to place.

Tennis Live Betting vs. Pre-Match Betting

Although live tennis betting can be a great way to make money, it’s not without its challenges. This approach to betting on tennis is not for everyone, and it can be better to focus on pre-match betting.

Before we compare the two different options, let’s clarify that they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they could complement each other well if you know what to do.

The following table summarizes some of the key aspects of live betting on tennis matches and pre-match wagering.

Live BettingPre-Match Betting
MarketsStandard + UniqueStandard
PromosStandard + ExclusiveStandard
Confirmation of WagersAfter 3-10 SecondsInstant
Turnaround TimeVery FastFast to Medium
Matches CoveredMedium to Big EventsAll-Pro Events
Evaluation FactorsStats, Eye TestStats, News, Form

Bookmaker’s margin and the limits for betting are usually similar for both, so we didn’t include them in the table.

The biggest pros of live wagering on tennis are the unique markets, the exclusive promotions, the quick turnaround time, and the opportunity to watch the matches.

If you have enough experience and can keep a cool head to pick the perfect timing during the constant odds movement, live betting is undoubtedly a great option.

The problem is that there’s the potential to lose a lot because of its wild nature. The prices are constantly jumping around, everything is very fast, and you will often miss on good opportunities because there’s a delay for every wager you place.

Monte Carlo Tennis

Betting before a match has started is calmer, and you have time to patiently inspect the stats. You don’t have to rush things and you are not required to make quick decisions. This works better for many sports gamblers.

Another advantage of pre-match wagers is that you have more matches to bet on, as some encounters are not available for live betting.

To sum it up, live and pre-match tennis betting both have their pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide what suits you best. We believe that combining both is the optimal solution, but focusing on one or the other is fine.

Monte Carlo Tennis Tips for Live Betting on Tennis

When you start betting on tennis life, it’s quite likely that you’ll make a few mistakes and lose money.

We have prepared a list of tips for tennis live gambling to help you avoid some of those mistakes. They apply to pretty much all in-play markets you can bet on.

  • Pre-Game Preparation –You should always have a solid idea of what might happen once the match starts. Prepare well by evaluating both sides and their chances to win, so you can recognize any potential patterns when you bet live.
  • Stats and Trends – You should follow the stats closely because they can help you spot crucial trends. For example, if a player is struggling with his/her first serve, betting on the opponent to break next makes a lot of sense.
  • Physical Condition – We’ve seen many surprising twists in tennis because of small injuries, fatigue, or other physical problems. Make sure to closely monitor the players for signs that such an issue might be emerging.
  • Body Language – The mentality of each player is crucial in tennis and the body language can tell you a lot about the current state of mind of the athletes. Look for clues that might indicate when a player is losing their composure.
  • Weather Changes – Many tennis tournaments are played outdoors, so it’s a good idea to check the weather. If there is a risk of rain or strong wind, that can change the match dramatically.

That’s the core set of tips you should follow when live betting on tennis matches. As you get more familiar with what you’re doing, you can start developing your own tennis betting strategies to take maximum advantage of all the opportunities.

Men’s vs. Women’s Tennis for Live Betting

The rules of tennis are almost identical for both men and women, and so is the format in most competitions. However, there are some specific traits of the sport that change and you should be ready for them when working on your in-play tennis bets.

For a start, men have a stronger serve on average. That makes breaks much harder. Even a big underdog can usually rely on a few easy points on his own serve, so you rarely see several breaks in a set.

That’s not really the case when women are playing. They typically can’t rely on their serve quite as much, which leads to longer rallies and more points for the returning player. It’s not uncommon to see multiple breaks in a single set.

This makes women’s matches a little less predictable and can cause plenty of swings. That’s excellent news for people who are looking for hedging opportunities or huge odds.

You should always consider the differences between male and female tennis when betting on matches live.

Another difference to consider is the format of men’s matches in Grand Slams. All fixtures from the main draw on the biggest stage are best-of-five matches.

That’s the main reason why younger players can struggle for consistency. Players at their peak have more experience and better physical condition to help them when matches go on longer.

We’ve seen countless matches in which a promising youngster starts well against an experienced opponent, only to fade away later on and eventually lose the clash.

Recognizing such moments can be very profitable when betting on tennis live.

Monte Carlo Tennis Where to Bet on Tennis In-Play

If you like the sport and have been following it for a while, you should try live betting on tennis. A crucial factor for your success is where you choose to bet. We suggest sticking to the best sportsbooks available online, such as these recommended options.

We also have some other useful resources for betting on tennis with real money. Our main guide to gambling on tennis will help you explore the other types of wagers available and find more profitable opportunities.

We also have a section with tennis betting picks and a tennis blog that features insight and analysis for all major tournaments throughout the year.

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