It’s legal to play online poker in

It’s legal to play online poker in Do you want to play your preferred game of poker online against other US players on a virtual felt? You’ve found the correct place since we give you a thorough review of all the legal poker sites and applications where you may play the top online poker games, as well as all the online poker rooms in the US.

Online poker has been in the US since its start, but all the major operators were expelled in 2011 for breaking the murky rules and laws that were in effect at the time. After some time, the first fully accredited online poker rooms opened in New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada in 2013.

It's legal to play online poker in

Several states now provide regulated US online poker sites.

The states in which you can play online poker, the operators you could have access to, and all the other information you need to start playing are provided in this detailed guide to online poker in the US.

Continue reading to learn how to access the top US online poker rooms, where you may play poker without fear for the first time since Black Friday.

Nevada: One of the first states to permit online gambling, Nevada also provided the first licensed poker sites. Today, online poker is thriving in Nevada thanks to the entry of new operators into this formerly very closed-off industry.

New Jersey: was at the vanguard of the legal battle to legalize online poker in America, making it one of the most well-liked American online poker marketplaces. NJ poker gamers now have access to a variety of trustworthy, legal poker sites. Players can benefit from the greatest

Michigan: With a population of 10 million, Michigan is the second-largest state to allow online poker and has been edging out Pennsylvania to become the US’s largest online poker market. In 2022, Michigan formally became a member of the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA), joining Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. This gave Michigan’s operators access to players from the other three MSIGA states who were already on their network. Once interstate online poker launches there, we anticipate the real money online poker business in Michigan to grow even more. The Great Mitten State is home to some of the greatest online tournaments and prize pools in the whole US.

Pennsylvania: Since legalizing online poker in 2017, Pennsylvania has developed a sizable industry around it, granting licenses to a number of upscale poker sites and apps to operate within its boundaries.

Not just because of online poker, the state’s gaming industry is booming. With more than $1 billion wagered in casinos each month, other games like slots and sports betting are also becoming increasingly popular.

Delaware: is a small but formidable state when it comes to online poker. In 2013, the state (which has a population of fewer than 1 million) became the first in the country (and is currently the only one) to authorize online poker. Since that time, Delaware has kept on providing online gaming through WSOP/888 and other domestic websites.

Even though the player pools in Delaware are smaller than those in some other states—particularly when compared to those in New Jersey and Nevada—they make up for it by permitting multi-state play with NJ and eventually with Michigan. Delaware players now have access to some of the biggest cash game and tournament fields in the nation as they may compete against players from Nevada, New Jersey, and Michigan.

The first state to legalize online poker was West Virginia.

West Virginia: legalized online poker in 2019. Since then, the state has started giving online poker firms the first gambling licenses. However, there are no active poker sites in the state as of right now. This might be because WV is a small market and operators are holding off on growing until there have been further advancements in multi-state poker.

Connecticut: In May 2021, legislation governing online poker in CT was passed. Only two online poker licenses are available in the state due to a complicated legal position, but these have not yet been issued. Therefore, even though playing online poker is permitted in Connecticut, no regulated sites are currently operational there.

Regulated Online PokerLive Poker SitesMSIGA Member
New JerseyYesYesYes
West VirginiaYesNoNo

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