How do you Bet on Soccer Online

How do you Bet on Soccer Online The plethora of soccer betting markets available means one will never be short of betting options.

Whether you’re an expert at betting money on soccer or a complete novice, you’ll find tons of different markets available. Understanding how they work is integral to making them viable options when wagering.

There are so many leagues and competitions out there. While betting on matches in the EPL is not the same as placing futures wagers on La Liga, fundamentally, the same markets will work the same way. 

We explain the best soccer bets and odds, and how to find them, a little later. First, let’s look at the most common markets and how they operate.

Match Result

How do you Bet on Soccer Online The easiest type of soccer betting for beginners? We think so. 

Betting on the match result is basically choosing what happens at the end of a game. To win your bet, you must select the correct result of the match. It’s that simple. After all, there are just three possible outcomes: Team A to win, Team B to win, and Draw.

Here’s an example. 

  • Juventus -130 
  • Draw +235 
  • Fiorentina +360

A winning bet of $100 on Juventus to win pays out $176.92. This includes a profit of $76.92 plus your $100 stake. Alternatively, if you like the odds for Fiorentina to win, a successful $100 stake returns $460. This sum is made up of a profit of $360 in addition to your $100 stake. A successful bet on the draw makes you $335, which you can break down by adding your profit of $235 to your $100 stake. 

There are variations of the match result betting markets out there. We’ll cover those later. 

How do you Bet on Soccer Online Futures

Betting on soccer futures is a lot of fun.

It can also be one of the most profitable ways to gamble on sports. In essence, you are betting on the final outcome of something that will be decided in the future. This involves everything from gambling on the winner of the FIFA World Cup, to wagering on the top scorer in the MLS.

For example, you choose the team you believe will win a tournament, and if they go all the way, you win your bet. The concept is simple. But let’s use an example to make it crystal clear.

TeamOddsProfit for $100 StakeTotal Return for $100 Stake
Bayern Munich+275$275$375
Man City+350$350$450

As you can see, the top five favorites for the Champions League come with different odds. We believe that PSG looks promising, and see value in odds of +400. A $100 bet placed before the tournament starts would return $500. This includes $400 in profit and our $100 stake. If PSG goes on to win, we will see a very nice return. If they get knocked out, however, we lose our stake.

We’re sure that future betting on soccer tournaments online is an easy concept to grasp. But remember you can also wager on other things to happen. These include the following.

  • Top Scorer 
  • A player with the Most Assists in a League 
  • Team with Most Red Cards in a Cup
  • Group Winner
  • Club to be Relegated

There are so many reasons why players consider futures to have the best soccer odds of any market. For a more in-depth look at the options available, check out the following page. 

How do you Bet on Soccer Online Totals?

Totals, also known as over/under bets, are another one of the most popular ways to enjoy real-money soccer betting online.

Effectively, soccer betting sites will set a total number of goals. This is usually either 2.5 or 3.5 and can apply to a team or a match. Your job is to predict whether the team you are gambling on will score more or fewer goals than the number set. Or, if the totals for the match apply, whether the combined sum of both teams’ goals will be above or below that number. 

Here’s an example that will help. Arsenal vs. Chelsea

  • Over 2.5 Goals -130
  • Under 2.5 Goals -110

So, what’s your take?

Let’s say that you bet on the soccer match in question by taking the under. A $100 bet on the game to finish with less than two goals scored pays out at $190.91. You would make a profit of $90.91 in this scenario, as well as clawing your $100 stake back.

Other than betting on soccer totals related to goals scored by a team or in a game, you can also bet on markets — including but not limited to — the following.

  • Fouls
  • Corners
  • Cards
  • Throws
  • Shots on Goal

Spread Betting

Much like football, basketball, or other major sports, spread betting is a popular type of soccer bet.

The principle is the same — some teams are simply better than others. So, to try and even the score, so to speak, bookmakers will handicap the stronger side depending on their supremacy over their rivals. It’s ultra-rare to see teams in the EPL, for example, be handicapped beyond a few goals. But there are times in tournaments — such as the FIFA World Cup or Champions League — when there is a clear favorite.

Again, the best way to explain how to bet on the spread in soccer is to provide an example.

  • Brazil -2.5 (-115) vs. Wales +2.5 (+110)

Let’s say you like the look of Brazil beating Wales, but the Moneyline odds aren’t worth the punt. Instead, you back Brazil to beat Wales on the spread the bookies are offering. For you to win your bet, Brazil must win by three goals or more for you to get paid. This is because there is no such thing as half a goal in soccer. 

If you fancy Wales for this bet, you need the Welsh to avoid losing by three goals. Anything under that will lead to a happy face. 

Goal Scorer

Who doesn’t love a bet on the first goal scorer of a match? 

But did you know you can bet on the last goalscorer, a player to score at any time in a game, or even the first and last team to score? It gets even better. You can also bet on whether a striker, midfielder or defender scores in a match.

This popular type of soccer bet can be placed by itself or added to a bet-builder for even bigger odds. Regardless of the game or tournament, you will always find odds for goal scorers in soccer matches. 

Here’s an example of what to expect.

Player 1+500
Player 2+650
Player 3+750
Player 4+750
Player 5+800
Player 1+500
Player 2+650
Player 3+750
Player 4+750
Player 5+800
Player 1-110
Player 2+160
Player 3+240
Player 4+240
Player 5+280

A $100 bet on Player 3 to be the first goalscorer will make you a profit of $750. But, if you’re looking to play it safer, backing them to score at any time in the match could bag you $240 if they find the net, regardless of when.


Like most of the leading bets for soccer, there is a sure element of strategy that can come in handy. We’ll discuss that later in this soccer betting guide. But let’s first take a look at how the half-time/full-time soccer markets work. 

Home/Away/DrawHalf Time WinnerFull-Time WinnerOdds

The table above illustrates the odds for the scenario in question.

For example, if you bet on the half-time draw with the home team winning at full-time, the odds are +475. That means a $100 bet will pay out $575 which includes a $475 profit with your $100 stake. 

These markets can be lucrative IF you can nail them. But like most bets, it’s much easier said than done. Remember, you are betting on the half-time winner and the winner of the game. Not the half-time winner and the winner of the second half. There is a distinction here that does tend to trip some people up.

For example, the home team could be up at half-time by 4-0. The away team could win the second half 3-0, but the home team would still win the game, which means that you would lose if just betting who wins the half.

TOP TIPAgain, expert soccer betting strategies can help you win these types of bets. For example, if you know the home team starts slow but usually scores more goals in the second half, you might consider backing the away team to win at half-time with the home time winning the game in the second half.

There are markets where you can bet on the winner of a half, however. They are not as popular but are clearly still up there with the bets most soccer bettors place on the sport.

Accumulators and Parlays

Hugely popular in Europe, soccer accumulators come with massive odds. In short, an accumulator — which is effectively a parlay bet for those in North America — involves placing multiple selections that accumulate in size with every bet won.

These kinds of bets can pay out ridiculously high. An anonymous bettor in the UK allegedly claimed £650,000 ($862,000) from a £100 bet at odds of 6542/1.

If accumulators aren’t your bag, bet-builders have become really popular as of late. These are typically more fun and savvy players tend to have a better chance of winning big with them. If you want to bet on soccer and win money – big money, even – you might consider trying them out.

Other Popular Soccer Betting Markets

It’s astounding how many markets there are to bet on soccer online. Alongside the ones above, you can also find the following markets at most online soccer betting sites.

  • Correct Score – One-nil to the Arsenal? Or perhaps St. Pauli to win 5-2? If you can guess the right score, the payout could be sweet.
  • Draw No Bet – Like the Asian handicap, this wager eliminates the draw. Much like the name suggests, you can bet on either team knowing that if it is a draw, you get your stake back.
  • Both Teams To Score – As simple as it sounds. If both teams score in a match, you win!
  • Final Result & Both Teams to Score – If you’re channeling your inner Nostradamus, a successful bet on the match result and both teams to score could bag you serious winnings.
  • European Handicap – In essence, the European handicap is like the Asian handicap (we explain how this works later) but with the possibility of a draw. For example, Hibernian could start with a -1 goal handicap against Livingston. If they win by two goals or more, you win your bet.
  • To Score in Both Halves – Sites with the best bets for soccer online will often have markets for players or teams to score in both halves. Check them out.
  • Player to Be Carded – We all know that certain players are prone to rough challenges and bending the rules. If you can predict a yellow or red for the hothead, you could get yourself some nice odds.

Value Betting on Soccer – How to Shop for Lines

Regardless of the market you choose, it’s paramount to remember to shop for the best lines when you bet real money on soccer online.

Finding the top soccer odds online will help you increase your profit margin over time. The ultimate goal is to be up at the end of a period and this will help. For example, let’s say you want to bet on France to win the FIFA World Cup. You land on a site that is offering odds of +380 for it to happen and go to place your wager.

But stop! Instead of taking those odds, why not see what the other best soccer betting sites can do for you? In other words, learn how to shop around for top odds. Some sites will have worse odds, but some could have much better prices. It takes just a couple of minutes to compare odds, but that time could make you more money should Les Bleus go to lift the trophy.

  • One soccer sportsbook has France winning the World Cup at +370, which is worse.
  • Another soccer betting site has France Win the World Cup at +390, which is slightly better.
  • Then another sportsbook has France Win the World Cup at +450, which is much better.

Naturally, Competitor Site 3 is the one to go for. A $100 bet on the first site would make you $370 in profit. But having shopped around, you could now rake in $450 if your soccer bet is successful. That’s a major improvement, wouldn’t you say?

How do you Bet on Soccer Online Perhaps even more important than shopping lines is learning how to find value in soccer odds. Finding value is crucial to making long-term profits when gambling on any sport. The following guide explains everything. We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it, as it will be a reliable friend to you in your betting journey. 

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