Golf Matchups Betting Strategy

A good chunk of serious golf bettors will tell you that attacking the head-to-head matchups is their bread and butter for betting golf online.

We referenced the difficulty of trying to pick a winner, and even the top-20 markets are from a guarantee. Capturing a top-20 finishing on the PGA Tour still involves defeating 136 others (in most cases).

Betting golf matchups is a great way to improve your chances of winning money.

Here’s how they work, and some useful advice.

How Golf Matchups Work

In the H2H market, you are zeroing in on mano-a-mano matchups where you’re only concerned about a golfer beating one opponent.

We will toss out some examples from various tours.

  • Abraham Ancer (-110) vs. Daniel Berger (-110)
  • Nelly Korda (-120) vs. Danielle Kang (+100)
  • Jerry Kelly (-130) vs. Ernie Els (-101)
  • Robert MacIntyre (-169) vs. Matthias Schwab (+132)

You can bet on 72-hole matchups if you want to let the tournament play out, but you can also bet on round-by-round matchups if that’s something that piques your interest.

Say you missed the start of the European Tour event because you weren’t keeping track of the time difference. Don’t fret.

Instead of being closed out of the action for the rest of the week, you can start targeting second-round matchups as soon as the first-round ends.

Lean Toward Plus-Money Picks

While far from a bullet-proof plan, we’ve noticed that meticulously pursuing the plus-money golfers in matchups can pay huge dividends. Betting at -120 or -130 all the time is probably going to negatively affect the bottom line.

Rather than bank on favorites beating up on the lesser names, remember that the difference between the 50th-ranked golfer and the 75th-ranked golfer is negligible.

Find a player at +100 who you would be willing to back at -110. Or better yet, if you like Abraham Ancer over Daniel Berger at -110, diligently shop that line across all of the best bookmakers. The matchup will likely be listed at several of the sportsbooks; one of them might have Ancer lurking at +100.

Betting Tips for Golf Props

Some sites have more golf props than others, but there are plenty to sift through any day of the week.

Come tournament time, you will encounter group betting. That could mean picking the low man among a threesome that’s teeing off together, or that could be betting on the low man from a specific region.

  • Low American
  • Low European
  • Low South African
  • Low Australian

Like the matchup’s arena, you’re generally better off betting on one of the underdogs in these groups.

If Rory McIlroy is pitted up against Paul Casey and Tyrell Hatton in a group, the perception of McIlroy beating Casey AND Hatton is a lot greater than the probability of that coming to fruition. Especially in an 18-hole scenario.

As if there weren’t enough strategies for golf betting to consider, another wrinkle gets thrown in during the four majors and established team events. The top sites will create a tab for golf props and tons of new options arise.Golf props for the majors range from betting on the lowest 18-hole score to what color shirt the tournament winner will be wearing.

Don’t get too carried away with the “off-the-course” bets as those were created to draw the customer in. Focus your attention, efforts, and funds on the wagers that you can find an edge in.

In other words, locate the props where you can apply the golf betting tips we’ve addressed. That’s where your profit will come from.

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