Golf in Pakistan

The prospect of playing golf in Pakistan is unlikely to thrill many golfers, but it may serve as a unique high point for those who do. View more details about Pakistani golf

The only sport in which Pakistan literally had to start from scratch was golf. The British popularized the game in the Sub-Continent and introduced it there. If not for a few dedicated players who put in a lot of work to keep the game alive in Pakistan after the partition, a significant hole was left behind. They were led by Tajuddin Salimi of PWR Club Lahore, Rashid Habib of Karachi, and Maj. Mohsin Ali of the East Wing in West Pakistan. Up until 1958, the Lahore Gymkhana and PVTR Club and the Tea Estate Golf Clubs in East Pakistan served as the primary hubs for golfing activity.

With Karachi, Dacca, Rawalpindi, Lahore Gymkhana, and PWR as its founding members, the Pakistan Golf Union was established in 1960. Chief Justice Cornelius served as the organization’s first president, and Rashid Habib served vice president. Tajuddin Salimi was chosen as honorary secretary and held this position until 1965 when he was appointed the PGU’s official coach.

Golf in Pakistan

The Arabian Sea Country Club

One of Asia’s more intriguing golf courses is The Arabian Sea Country Club, which is situated in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Javed Burki, a former test cricketer, led a group of businesses that came together to build The Country Club. The 18-hole, par-72 golf course was created by K. Okada San of the Japanese Taisei Corporation. Architect Asad I. A. Khan created the Clubhouse and other facilities, which were built under the direction of Zaeem Lutfi and FMCL. A golf course, sophisticated swimming pool complex, sauna, jacuzzi steam room, and fitness center are all features of the Arabian Sea Country Club.

The Karachi Golf Club

A golf course called The Karachi Golf Club is located in Karachi, Pakistan. The 27-hole course is one of the oldest in Asia and the oldest golf club in Pakistan. The course was turfed, groomed, and surrounded by vegetation, making it one of Karachi’s largest green spaces. In 1888, the Karachi Golf Club was a member of the Sindh Club; it obtained separate club status in 1891. In 1953, the course was moved to its current location. The 18-hole Championship Course was created in 1991 by famous architect Peter Harradine. A year later, the 18-hole Green Course was established, and nine additional holes were added in 1993. The Blue, Yellow, and Red Courses are the new names for the three courses. The Karachi Golf Club is a popular choice for golf in Karachi, which has grown in popularity. The Pakistan Open is held at this golf club in Pakistan Asia.

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