Further Tips for Betting on Esports

Further Tips for Betting on Esports We’ve gone into a bit of detail for each of the tips provided so far. We haven’t overcomplicated things though, so you’ll hopefully find it easy enough to follow them all. You should definitely find it easy to follow the rest of our tips listed below, as these are the simplest of the lot. They don’t require much explaining at all, but they can still improve your chances of winning money.

  • Look beyond the major competitions
  • Study previous matchups
  • Factor in form & Motivation
  • Be patient

Here’s a quick explanation of each tip listed here.

Bet selectively & objectively

Placing wagers in every single esports market that’s available is an excellent way to lose money. Sadly, it’s what a lot of bettors do. They figure that their best chance of making money is to place as many wagers as possible, but this is VERY flawed logic. It’s the quality of wagers that matters, not the quantity. The best approach is to always be selective, and only bet when there’s a good reason to do so.

You should also make sure that you think objectively about your wagers. Many bettors let their hearts rule their heads and bet on what they WANT to happen, but this is something you should try to avoid. Don’t ever back a team to win just because they’re one of your favorites.

Look beyond the major competitions

The major esports competitions obviously attract the most attention. They also tend to generate the most betting interest. However, in our experience, it’s usually the smaller competitions that offer the best opportunities for making money. We generally find a lot more value when betting on lower-profile matches.

Study previous matchups

There are a lot of different factors to consider when assessing the likely outcome of esports matches. In our experience, one of the best indicators of what’s going to happen is the results from previous matchups. Some teams seem to do consistently well against other specific teams, and that kind of information is useful to know.

Factor in form & Motivation

The form is another factor that is well worth looking at. Teams and players can hit good and bad patches of form in esports just like they can in traditional sports, so it obviously helps to know what form they’re in when making betting decisions.

Motivation is a useful factor to consider too. This is the case, especially in tournaments that involve group stages or a round-robin. It’s very common for teams to qualify for the next stage of a tournament BEFORE they’ve completed all their matches in a group or round-robin, and this will usually affect their motivation. If the result of a match doesn’t really matter to one team, they’re likely to use the match to experiment with new strategies rather than go all out to win. This can give their opposition the edge.

Be patient

Professional esports are here to stay. They’re not some passing trend that will disappear within the next couple of years. This means there’s no rush to achieve instant success before the opportunities for making money disappear. Although betting will probably get a little harder in the future because of the reasons we outlined earlier, it’s still important to be patient. Don’t feel like you’ve GOT to start making a profit any time soon.

If you push yourself too hard and too quickly, you’re more likely to damage your chances of success rather than improve them. It’s much more sensible to take your time and slowly work on expanding your knowledge and improving your betting skills. This will almost certainly yield better results in the long run. Successful betting is a marathon, not a sprint! Further Tips for Betting on Esports

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