Free Bet Is Revoked? What Takes Place

Free Bet Is Revoked We’ll look at the most frequent of these reasons in due order. There are a number of reasons why a bookmaker might deem a wager you put void (basically canceled). When a wager is declared invalid, it can be frustrating if you spent a lot of time investigating it, but it is generally not a big deal for bettors because bookmakers will typically just return your stake to your account.

Free Bet Is Revoked But what if you placed the wager using a free bet and it was later determined that the bet was invalid? If your free bet is forfeited, will you be offered a new one to use? What if the bet that was voided was the one that qualified you for a free bet? Would you still be eligible for a free bet in this situation?

The quick answer to these queries is that you will typically lose the opportunity to use the bonus if either your free bet or your qualifying bet is declared worthless. But as we’ll see, many of the best bookmakers around often have the discretion to offer customers additional free bets or a chance to qualify for new free bets, particularly in cases where extraordinary circumstances had resulted in the bet being declared void or even if it was the bookmaker’s fault.

In this article, we’ll delve into what happens when free bets or qualifying bets (used to get free bets) are canceled in an effort to provide a much more thorough response to these questions. In order to reduce your chances of having your bets declared void, we’ll also look at the most frequent causes of bets being declared void and provide examples of both bet types to choose from and those to avoid. Despite this, relatively few bets are actually void, and most of the time, claiming and using a free bet will happen without a hitch.

Let’s take a quick look at what it means for a bet to be made void and some of the more typical instances of when that is likely to happen before we examine any potential banana skins.

Free Bet Is Revoked What Is a Void Bet?

When a bet is declared void, it effectively cancels the wager as if it had never been made in the first place, frequently because the event or situation in question could not occur for whatever reason.

Free Bet Is Revoked What Can Cause a Bet to Be Made Void?

A bet could be declared void for a number of reasons, but the most frequent one is that the event it was put on has been canceled. This might be due to the weather, a significant world event (such as a terrorist attack or epidemic! ), an injury to a team member or player, or any other unanticipated circumstance.

If an Event is Cancelled Before It Takes Place

For example, if a football tournament is preemptively canceled owing to a global epidemic (surely that won’t ever happen! ), or a race meeting is canceled due to bad weather. Any wagers put on the event in question will be declared void, and any winnings will be returned in full unless horse racing is suspended for a reason like the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak (in most cases).

If the Team/Player/Outcome Is Found to Have Not Been Possible

For instance, if a wager is put on the football player who scores the game’s first goal, but the player is hurt during the pregame warmup and is unable to participate in the match. In this scenario, the wager is declared void, and the stake is typically repaid.

If an Event Takes Place but Is Subsequently Made Void

The 1993 Grand National serves as a prime illustration of this situation. Esha Ness claimed victory, but the race was later ruled invalid and the bookmakers were obliged to return all bets when a mix-up at the start forced some runners to be recalled but others to continue.

If the Bookmaker Has Made a Mistake

The bookmaker may have provided inaccurate information (such as the wrong team or players, or even the wrong dates), or they may have set odds that are obviously false because they are so much out of the ordinary. If a bookmaker makes a clear mistake, they typically nullify all bets placed on a specific event or market, or they may occasionally issue a reduced payout (for instance, when they had set incorrect odds). See the examples of errors made by bookmakers that resulted in their refusal to pay out to bettors below!

If there is a chance of a “Push” in the bet type (or Being Made Void)

For instance, when betting on football with an Asian handicap, the handicap offers one team an advantage. This advantage could be in the form of numerous goals or half goals. The latter type of wager effectively eliminates the likelihood of a tie, but if you use the Asian handicap market to place a whole goal handicap wager, it is possible for the wager to be declared a “push” or void if, for example, you back a team to win with a +1 handicap and they lose by a score of 1-0.

What If My Free Bet or Qualifying Bet Is Voided?

There isn’t a single guideline that all bookies follow in this situation. Most will agree with Coral’s statement that “Your free bet is not repaid if your free bet wager becomes void” in the terms and conditions of their regular new client free bet offer. However, in this circumstance, if you place a free bet and it is later determined to be void for whatever reason, the bookmaker may not offer you another chance to win. Simply put, you will forfeit your free bet. Ladbrokes, a well-known bookmaker, agreed when we questioned them over live chat, responding as follows:

There are no returns when you utilize a free bet as a stake and it is canceled. Since you can only use real money on this, the free bet cannot be utilized on any other promotions. You will get a refund for this wager if you place it with real money and it is canceled. As the aforementioned promotion was canceled, you might not be eligible.

Therefore, if a qualified bet was voided, you would receive your stake back, but the free bet would not have been activated, so it would effectively have been lost.

Nearly all bookmakers take this stance by default, but that does not mean they can’t change it if they so desire. As we shall see, they have the authority to alter their policies and make “goodwill gestures” to clients in specific situations.

Will Bookies Reinstate My Free Bet If It Has Been Made Void?

In general, “no,” you will just forfeit your free bet if you use a free bet to place a wager that is later deemed invalid. In the same way, you won’t get another chance to meet the requirements for a free bet if the wager you place as your qualifying bet is reversed. However, as was previously mentioned, bookmakers have the authority to apply their discretion or even common sense, therefore it is very likely that under certain conditions they will provide you a second opportunity with a qualifying wager or reinstate a free bet that was canceled.

When we contacted Betfred in the spring of 2020 about the frequent, last-minute cancellations of sporting events, for instance, they responded as follows:

Due to numerous games being called off, if you place a qualified wager that is void, we will base your eligibility for the offer on the second wager rather than the first. If a free bet is void, the balance of free bets will reflect this. For example, if you used £1 in free bets and it was void, you would receive the £1 free bet back.

There are obviously no hard and fast rules regarding when bookmakers may decide to do this, but getting in touch with their customer service department in a nice and slightly imploring manner may persuade them to see things your way and allow you another chance to qualify for or use a free bet.

Free Bet Is Revoked Bets Most Likely to Be Made Void

Sometimes it’s impossible to anticipate the events that can cause a sporting event to be postponed. There is little that bettors could do to prevent such events, whether a complete football team collapses from severe food sickness, a disease decimates all animal-related sports for months (like in the foot-and-mouth crisis), or nearly all sports are stopped owing to a global pandemic.

On the other hand, bettors who don’t want their free bets to be canceled should steer clear of particular sports (at certain times of the year) or certain markets within sports. Here are a few of the most typical ones to stay away from:

Free Bet Is Revoked Asian Handicaps

As was already indicated, placing your qualifying bet or free bet on an Asian handicap football wager could result in a “push” or invalid wager if you are not careful.

First/Last/Anytime Goalscorer

If the player in issue does not play for his or her team as predicted, any player-specific bets, including those on who will score the winning goal or try in a rugby match, may be voided. This might be the result of them not being chosen at all, or it might be the result of a warm-up injury, a sudden illness, or even an altercation with the coach before the game.

Whatever the reason, your wager will be worthless if the player you selected to play doesn’t show up. You can reduce the likelihood of this happening if you put your bets after the team is revealed, but you’ll still be vulnerable to a last-minute error.

Horse Racing in Winter

Horse races are frequently postponed in the winter due to the fantastic British weather. Racing enthusiasts who follow the National Hunt will be all too acquainted with meets that are postponed, canceled, or abandoned because of waterlogging, high snowfall, extreme frost, or strong winds. In order to prevent losing your free bet, avoid betting on horse racing during the winter or, at the very least, check the weather beforehand!

Any Outdoor Winter Sport

Not just horse racing is frequently impacted by inclement weather. Due to frozen or soggy fields, football, rugby, and other outdoor sports—especially those of a lower caliber—frequently have postponements. In truth, this problem is not just confined to the winter, since rain influencing cricket is a rather frequent reason for void bets.

When the Odds Look Too Good to Be True

Although it is occasionally possible to find excellent betting value, if the odds seem nearly too good, it is extremely likely that the bookmaker has made an error of some sort. In this case, the bookmaker is likely to invalidate the bet and you will lose your free bet.

Free Bet Is Revoked Bets Not Included in Terms of the Offer

There may be limitations on the kinds of bets you can place for the qualifying bet, the free bet, or both with some free bet offers. For instance, it’s possible that using a free bet disallows placing numerous bets or accumulators. Such a wager is likely to be void and your free bet will be lost if it is placed with one.

How to Minimise the Chances of Bets Getting Made Void

Basically, you should adhere to the following basic measures to reduce your chances of having your qualifying wager or free bet voided:

  1. Read the Terms & Conditions – As previously noted, some bet types, sports, or events may not be eligible for the free bet offer you are claiming. As such, always be sure to read the full Terms & Conditions before claiming the offer to avoid wasting your time right away.
  2. A weather-related travel interruption could force the cancellation of an indoor event as well as any outside sporting event. Check the weather forecast before planning any outdoor activities!
  3. Leave It Late – Wait until the very last second to put your wager to make sure your athlete is actually on the field rather than risking an injury during the warm-up. Wait till the teams are confirmed, at the very least.

Remember that contacting customer support (in a nice manner, requesting rather than demanding) may result in their offering you a “goodwill gesture” of another free bet if your bet was voided and you lost your free bet (or did not qualify for it) as a result.

If Bookies Make Mistakes Can They Void Your Bet?

In short, absolutely – bookmakers have the right to reject bets placed at inaccurate odds, or at the very least, to pay out at a reduced rate, if they made a mistake with their odds. This is known as a perceptible error, and it has occurred frequently over the years. Sometimes it can be as simple as giving the incorrect odds to the wrong player; for instance, giving Rafa Nadal 8/1 while giving the world no. 665 1/8. Here are a few more uncommon instances where bookies’ errors have cost gamblers a lot of money (and aggravation!).

One instance of this that garnered media attention was when Irish seven-year-old Voler La Vadette won the 2011 Christmas Hurdle at Leopardstown with ease. Priced at 13/8 prior to the race, £800,000 in in-running bets were placed on the mare at enormous odds of 28/1 when the race was all but won due to an “evident technical failure which permits a customer to exceed their exposure limit” on the Betfair Exchange. Fortunately for the bettor (or bettors), Betfair canceled the bets, saving them from liability of approximately £2.2 million.

There are numerous instances where bookmakers have invalidated bets to dig themselves out of a hole or two, but that incident was on the Betfair Exchange. For instance, a roofer by the name of Andrew Jones noticed odds of 4000/1 posted by Coral in their shop on England to defeat Wales 2-1 at Euro 2016.

He placed a £5 wager after confirming with staff that the odds were accurate, and after the Three Lions won 2-1, he was in line to claim his £20,000 winnings. Coral, however, had other plans. They informed him that there had been an error and the correct odds were only 8/1. They did compensate him, however, it was just £40 as opposed to £20,000!

Free Bet Is Revoked Conclusion: Void Free Bets

He put his £5 wager after making sure the odds were accurate by asking a staff member, and after the Three Lions won 2-1, he was in line to claim his £20,000 winnings. However, Coral had other plans. They informed him that the odds should have been simply 8/1 and that there had been an error. They did pay him, however, it was only £40 rather than the promised £20,000!

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