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Betting on Golf Whether it’s the John Deere Classic or the PGA Championship, there’s a baseline approach you can utilize to bet on golf and win money.

We will get into some of the specific golf betting tips later on, but we need to lay the groundwork first.

Betting on Golf Recognize the Golf Course

You don’t have to dissect the golf course and familiarize yourself with every hole, but be aware of the layout and the region that it’s in.

For example, a lot of the courses on the West Coast Swing have per annum putting surfaces. These are traditionally bumpy, especially late in the afternoon, and a lot of the guys from the Southeast struggle making the transition. There are others who thrive on this surface. Conversely, a lot of the golf courses in Florida are played on Bermuda greens.

Look at if the venue is tree-lined with lots of doglegs or open off the tee with really long par-4s. Is the rough going to be up, or can you get away with spraying it off the tee? These are the types of things worth assessing before you place your bets.

One rule of thumb is to target golfers playing in an area/on a putting surface they are comfortable in. Phil Mickelson grew up in San Diego and went to college at Arizona State – it’s not just a coincidence that each of his first seven victories occurred on the west coast.

Betting on Golf Follow Weather Reports

Once you garner some knowledge about the golf course, it’s time to take a look at the weather forecast for the week. Just like a baseball bettor can look at a team’s splits versus righties and lefties, golf bettors can estimate what the weather will be like during the morning and afternoon waves.

If you know that it’ll be benign on Thursday morning but is supposed to blow 20+ mph in the afternoon, use that knowledge to your advantage. Perhaps pile on some FRL (first-round lead) bets on some guys teeing off early.

Another way to exploit a potential discrepancy of weather between each wave is in the head-to-head matchup selection. We’ll touch on this market more in a bit, but the idea here is pretty straightforward.

Weather discrepancies won’t be baked into the pricing when the best golf betting sites initially release their H2H odds. While the matchups are unveiled on Tuesday morning (EST), first- and second-round tee times typically don’t get released until Tuesday afternoon.

Betting on Golf

Explore All Betting Options

Do not be in a hurry to fire your wagers in. Take the time to evaluate your options and get a look at the full scope.

The overall winner is the first market that hits the scene for each golf tournament. Ironically, it’s probably the hardest one to sustain a long-term profit in.

TOP TIPBy waiting until the other opportunities arise for betting on golf tournaments, you can latch onto some much more plus-EV situations.

Once you see how many other ways there are to make money betting on golf, you will probably push pinpointing winners straight to the back burner.

Beware of Too Much Hype

Don’t fall victim to recency bias. This is different from the following recent form, which we will tackle in the section below. Here’s an easy way to apply this theory. 

If a +20,000 longshot wins a golf tournament, you’ll probably want to stay away the following week when he/she gets listed around +6,000.

The bookies are accounting for expected bets to come pouring in on the last week’s winner; that’s the reason for the price tag getting slashed in half. For the most part, that golfer should probably be priced closer to the “original” +20,000 number.

On top of these relatively basic tips, there are several other golf betting strategies to employ on a consistent basis. We’ll now provide some more advice on different aspects of golf betting strategy and tips for specific betting markets.

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