Bet365 sportsbook 365 How to Bet on SCORECAST For Beginners

Bet365 Sportsbook 365 Guide Review: A Safe & Trusted Sportsbook

BET365 sportsbook 365, You certainly know the method of betting on football matches and have probably already made predictions of this type.

But, have you ever heard of Scorecast? This market is basically the combination of who will be the first player to score a sip and what will be the score of the match-all in one bet. And today we are going to know EVERYTHING about it here in this guide.

He prepares the coffee and we go over to them to know all the details.

Bet365 sportsbook 365 How to Bet on SCORECAST For Beginners

The term “Scorecast” originates from the English language but does not have a specific translation into Portuguese.

It consists of a kind of combined bet, a “two for one” guess. And the fact that it is a joint bet reduces the odds of success.

However, it is precisely this accentuated difficulty that maximizes the return if you are successful.

After all, if you are able to predict a scenario that most people cannot, then nothing is fairer than getting a bigger prize due to your competence and luck, factors that always accompany winning bettors.

To better illustrate the above, we can imagine a Scorecast bet on the Brazilian Championship. Let’s take as an example a confrontation between Flamengo and Ceará.

A bettor could guess the victory of Flamengo combined with Gabigol (nickname of Gabriel Barbosa, red-black striker) as the first scorer.

See now the main aspects you need to know about how it works!

BET365 sportsbook 365 Scorecast Basic Rules

1) When the chosen player does not play

If the player you bet would score the first goal is not scheduled to play, your guess for him will be disregarded.

In this way, only your bet on the final result of the match will remain valid, that is, it will become a single bet, instead of a combination.

2) When the chosen player enters the match after the first goal

If the player you bet would score the first goal enters the game when the score is no longer zero (exception: own goal), he will not have the chance to be responsible for opening the score.

In this case, the same consequence mentioned above will apply to your bet as to when the player does not play, that is, only the guess on the result of the match will continue to be valid.

3) When an own goal occurs first

In case the first goal of the match is accidental, i.e. scored by a player against his own team’s net, your bet will not be extinguished, but transferred to the next intentional goal.

So, as you can see, there are important mechanisms in Scorecast to prevent mishaps from spoiling your bet.

With this information, you now have more peace of mind to make your guess without fear of the “Imponderável de Almeida”, by the late Nelson Rodrigues, conspiring against your player!

SCORECAST Tips to Increase Your Chances of Profit

Watch Past Games: One of the best ways to maximize your chances of success when betting on the Scorecast is to view completed matches involving teams and players that you intend to put your money on.

This way you will be able to know, for example, if a team usually plays well away from home or not, or if a player has recently scored goals for your team.

More experienced bettors even use some techniques to find out the chance of a player scoring a goal, by calculating the attack and defense forces, through the Poisson Distribution, which shows the probability of events to occur in a certain period of time.

Search the player’s stage

It’s no use just betting on a good player. It is also necessary to analyze his current phase in the competition, something very variable in football.

Has he been actively participating in the games? Are you feeling motivated at the club? Are you facing particular problems?

Also, it is important to know if a player is in good physical shape. After all, if he is no longer able to control his weight properly, his performance will certainly be impaired.

These factors directly influence the athlete’s performance on the field, so they should not be neglected when betting.

Bet on unlikely players for superior winnings

Who said only strikers score goals? You can bet on a midfielder or even a defender as the first scorer of a match. If that happens, you’ll likely get a much higher return on your investment!

In Brazil, there has even been a goal scorer, as is the case of the legendary Rogério Ceni, from São Paulo, who is currently a football coach.

Obviously, he didn’t need to dribble the entire opposing team, as he marked his goals by taking penalties and free kicks, fundamentals in which he had a simply spectacular precision!

Keep track of key statistics

Nothing better than knowing in detail the statistics of the championships.

For example, knowing the percentage of times a team scores the first goal.

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