bet365 Mobile App

bet365 Mobile App is straightforward and simple to use overall. It is strong where it is required to be, including in the areas of presenting odds, disseminating well-liked betting options, and offering live in-game updates for real-time betting. Ads, advertising, and other flashy “bells and whistles” features that are typical on rival apps are conspicuously absent from bet365. An honest and clear betting experience is what you get when you see it.

Mobile App Review Categories

We took a look at bet365 through a lens of factors that make or break an excellent sportsbook app:

  • Usability: Ease of Logging In – Navigation – App Speed – Game Data Density – Bet Slip
  • Coverage: Live Betting SGP – European Market Coverage
  • Pricing: By Sport Pricing

Logging in

How easy is it to sign in to bet365?

Making hurried bets requires quickly and efficiently logging into a mobile sportsbook app. Due to its reliable Face ID, the bet365 mobile app excels in this category. In our internal research, we found that other significant sportsbooks like BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel also had recognition failure rates (i.e., required additional login steps of entering a pin or password) of up to 50%. Users interested in quick live betting may suffer greatly from sign-in friction.

Final Verdict: Great. bet365 makes app access easy with Face ID, and so do Caesars and theScore


How easy is it to search for and browse betting markets at bet365?

When looking for a betting market, bet365 is not always the easiest to use. Organization and in-app search capabilities were the two categories in which we assessed the app’s navigation.

Sportsbook Organization

The layout of bet365’s main screen was difficult for our group to use. Because the program does not clearly divide different bet types into distinct individual sections or blocks, it is crowded. Although the software has a side navigation menu to assist browsing by sport, navigation by bet type is still ineffective.

Bet365 has a nice dropdown menu that lists out certain category prop bets when filtering by particular leagues. Furthermore, Bet365 presents the betting market for each game on a league schedule. The markets are shown in this fashion to make it easier for users who want to wager on a specific prop without having to click into every game.

In-app Search

Of all sportsbook apps, bet365’s in-app search feature is among the best. You may find every market the Texas Rangers participate in, including markets for specific players, by searching for something like “Rangers.” There are other Rangers teams, so if you were expecting to check the New York Rangers odds, there is an option to change sports where you can do so.

The verdict: favorable. Despite having best-in-class app search features, bet365’s wasteful use of space hinders the sportsbook’s overall navigational capabilities. Overall,

bet365 Mobile App Speed

How fast is the bet365 mobile app at updating and reacting to input?

One of the fastest apps available for switching between tabs, sports, and betting markets is the bet365 app. Despite being quick, the software had a few problems that our experts encountered, such as reactivity when picking bet cells.

The bottom line: Average. Bet365 had too many problems for a genuinely seamless betting experience, despite being quick to switch between tabs. A significantly faster

Game Density

bet365 Mobile App

The verdict: favorable. The maximum number of games that the bet365 mobile app can show is 3.5, which puts it among the top rivals among top sportsbooks. We favor dense areas.

Bet Slip Experience

How seamless and intuitive is using the bet slip?

Because placing bets is what a sport betting app is mostly used for, bet slips are an essential component of a sportsbook. Although bet365’s bet slip offers a few good features, it may use some work in order to compete more successfully in the market. The following are the main conclusions from the bet365 bet slip:

Good Bet Slip factors:

  • The bet slip loads quickly and processes input efficiently.
  • The bet slip’s data density effectively allows five to six bets to fit on a single screen without scrolling.
  • Unfavorable bet slip elements
  • Users who generally wager games separately may find it frustrating as the default option on the bet slip is a parlay. The default feels like a push into a wager type that might be less advantageous.
  • In contrast to other sportsbooks where it is obvious where to set the betting total, our experts thought it was strange that bet365 required customers to click a separate “Set Wager” box to enter the desired bet amount.
  • Before obtaining a bet slip, you must log in to your account with bet365. Users can choose competitions and different betting cells at other bookmakers like FanDuel to view the potential payouts without logging in. For individuals who just want to peruse the lines and experiment with different wagering possibilities, this is irritating.
  • The bet slip’s text font is quite small, which can make it difficult to read.
  • The Same Game Parlays must be entered all at once into the bet slip at bet365, like many other sportsbooks. The SGP experience at bet365 is less user-friendly than the Bet Slip at Caesars.

Unique Feature: “My Bets”

bet365 also features a “My Bets” feature within the bet slip. This app section allows users to track all current or settled bets and is a great way to track bets over time. My Bets are:

  • easy to locate and use
  • Users must open a separate menu and go to the “Settled Bets” option in order to view wagers older than 48 hours. Here, users can filter results based on particular time frames.
  • Simple to enter and exit the feature so that you may use other app features.

Conclusion: Requires Improvement. Although the bet slip at bet365 has several respectable features, it ultimately feels archaic.

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