bet365 Bet Types Available

bet365 Bet Types Available In addition to providing bettors with competitive odds, bet365 offers a wide range of bet kinds to encourage consumers to their site. In addition to all the well-known, regular wagers available at any sportsbook, bet365 additionally provides:

bet365 Bet Types Available

Point Spreads: A spread bet is one on the final score of a game, or the number of points won. This screenshot shows a spread wager that can be found under the “Popular” bet type option.

At bet365, the Atlanta Hawks are given a point spread advantage of -1.5 over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Totals: Totals, sometimes referred to as over/under bets, are wagers on how many points each team will score collectively in a game.

For the next Hawks vs. Cavaliers game, choose “Over” or “Under” 223.0.

Half Bets: A bettor can regard the first and second halves of a game as different matches with half bets or quarter bets. You may do this quickly and easily by downloading our app.
Under the “Quarter or Half Props” sections in the game menu, only the Moneyline, spread, and total bets for the Hawks vs. Cavaliers’ first half of the game are displayed.

Prop bets, which stand for “proposition bets,” are bets that are not based on the outcome or final score.
Under “Player Props” at the top of in-game navigation, you can get player props for specific players to make the game’s first field goal for the Heat vs. 76ers.

Futures wagers: Futures wagers are wagers on a future event’s outcome (e.g., end-of-season results).
A broad selection of NFL outcome odds is provided by bet365 for the 2022–2023 season.

In addition, bet365 provides early payments, which enable customers to receive their winnings before the game is over if their team surpasses a predetermined level of advantage (i.e., early NBA payout if the team you bet on gains a 20-point lead).

bet365 Bet Types Available Featured Bet Types

Live Betting Same Game Parlay

The ability to place live game parlays was one distinctive feature that our experts had not observed with other bookmakers. SGPs are becoming more and more well-liked among sports gamblers. SGP bets must be placed before the start of a match or competition. Bet365 has developed a real-time feature that allows users to assemble an SGP. Users may become more engrossed in the game as it progresses thanks to this entertaining element with changing odds. We are unaware of which sports markets fully qualify for this capability because throughout our testing we discovered that this functionality is primarily available for European sports leagues.

The bottom line: Live same-game parlays are a novel approach to wagering on a well-liked sporting event. Although this seems like an exciting and creative betting market, it appears to be restricted to European leagues, which probably won’t appeal to many American gamblers.

Below, you can watch Steve place a Same Game parlay wager.

European Market Coverage

It should come as no surprise that bet365 boasts some of the greatest coverage of European markets given that it was founded as a sportsbook with a European focus. The go-to app for all international betting is bet365, which covers sports including international basketball, cricket, cycling, and soccer. The English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and many other lower-level leagues will undoubtedly have some of the more specialized soccer markets and competitive odds as interest in the sport increases across the United States.

The bottom line: When it comes to foreign league coverage, bet365 is unmatched. For anyone curious about European leagues in a variety of sports, this app is fantastic.

bet365 Bet Types Available bet365 Odds

Week 4 NFL Game Odds: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Here are some of the betting odds for the upcoming NFL game: Odds provided by bet365, updated September 30, 2022; subject to change

TeamSpread Moneyline Total
Kansas City Chiefs(-1) -105-110Over 45.5 (-110)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers(+1) -115-110Under 45.5 (-110)

bet365 Futures Odds

The NFL Super Bowl futures odds provided by bet365 are as follows: Odds provided by bet365, updated September 30, 2022; subject to change

2022/2023 NFL Team bet365 Futures Odds
Buffalo Bills+450
Kansas City Chiefs+700
Philadelphia Eagles+900
Green Bay Packers+900
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+900
Los Angeles Rams+1200
Baltimore Ravens+1400

bet365 Pricing vs. Other Sportsbooks

The savviest bettors are frequently concerned about the cost even though sign-up bonuses, promotions, and user experience are important considerations when choosing a sportsbook. In this sense, we can compare books in a few different ways:

Juice or Vig: The fee a sportsbook assesses for a wager is known as the “juice” or “vig.” Spread bets typically have odds of -110, which implies you must wager $110 to win $10. That extra $10 is the tax and cut that the sportsbook takes.

Hold: Like the juice, the hold is described as the portion of each dollar gambled that a sportsbook maintains.

In places where betting is wholly online and not subject to state lottery regulation, the majority of online U.S. bookies charge regular juice on standard bets. Sportsbooks frequently offer odds that are identical on both sides of an NFL spread and the over/under. Differences in price, however, accumulate over time and between markets and help to increase your profitability as a bettor.

By Sport Pricing Comparison

bet365 Bet Types Available Shopping online across several books is a useful procedure for knowledgeable sports bettors. To assist you to understand the value of online comparison shopping and the top sportsbook for various bet kinds and sports, on average, we’ve made some of these comparisons.

Parameters for the sportsbook pricing analysis:

  • Data collected from January 1, 2021, to April 1, 2022 
  • Closing odds used (the odds 30 minutes before game-time) in calculations
  • Each data point is the average book-edge for the month
  • Each data point shown represents a percent of the book’s edge

The book with the lowest average book edge represents the best price.

Best Pricing: Sportsbook Edge Averages by Sport (All Markets)


Pricing Summary for Specific Markets:

Moneylines. In general, bet365 offered the greatest Moneyline odds (3.97), particularly for the NFL (4.01), NBA (3.91), and College Basketball (3.89). Bet365 is a highly recommended sportsbook if you enjoy betting on moneylines. MLB and college football were the only two important sports where bet365 was more expensive, and Caesars offered the most competitive price (2.87 and 4.14).

Overall, bet365 offered the greatest spread pricing (4.37), although this was mostly because of the exceptional pricing on MLB spreads (3.79). For the NFL, Caesars earned the best price (4.55), while BetMGM triumphed for the NBA (4.71).

Totals. bet365 outperformed BetMGM on average with MLB totals (4.66), but fell short (4.81). For college basketball, DraftKings was the best (4.70), BetMGM had the best prices (4.72), and FanDuel had the best pricing (4.70) (4.64). bet365 Bet Types Available

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