Bet Types on US Sports Betting

Bet Types on US Sports Betting When choosing a US sportsbook, bettors have a huge variety of betting possibilities. In fact, there are literally thousands of possible combinations between the various sports and the many bet kinds available. Bet Types on US Sports Betting

On a US sports betting website, you can place some of the most well-liked wager types like:

  • Moneylines
  • Totals
  • Props
  • Parlays
  • Live betting
  • Point spreads
  • Futures

Bet Types on US Sports Betting


On each US sports betting website, you visit, Moneyline bets are the most prevalent. They are also the easiest to use and provide a fantastic opportunity for novice bettors to experience sports betting with actual money. You only need to select the club or player you believe will win the game or match when placing Moneyline bets.

The club you pick can either win the game outright or lose outright. In order for your wager to win, the player you chose must either score more points than their opponent. The player must outscore his rival by at least two and a half points if you are wagering on the overall amount of points achieved in the game/match (such as 212).



Another excellent bet type for beginners is the total, or over/under, which lets you wager on the overall number of points or scores in a game or match. The way it works is that the expected total for the game is provided by the online sportsbook. Then, bettors stake their money on whether they believe the final score will be higher or lower than predicted.

If a game, for instance, has a total of 43.5 set by an online sportsbook, you would wager on the under if you felt the final score would be 43 or less and on the over if you thought it would be 44 or more. To prevent the possibility of a tie, US sports betting companies include the half point.

The most enjoyable wagers on a US sports betting website are prop bets. These bets are placed on particular characteristics of a match, person, or team. Who will score first in the match, the total number of field goals made by both sides, or even whether it will rain throughout the game are some examples of the props that each online sportsbook offers to bettors.

Prop bets can be placed on almost anything other than the game’s outcome.


Live Betting

A parlay is when many wagers are combined to increase your chances of winning.

If you place an “all-in” wager, all of your wagers end up winning, and you are paid out in accordance with each wager’s payout. If you wager on a three-team parlay, for instance, and all of your teams win by a single point, you earn the same amount as if you had wagered on each team individually at the total payoff of all three teams.

Parlays, often known as “accumulators,” are far more challenging to win than the majority of other bet kinds. However, they are among the most successful.

One of the newest online betting options in recent years is live betting.

Online sportsbooks now provide live betting via live video streaming that is displayed on your screen (mobile or desktop). While it may sound fantastic, you can continue putting wagers while playing! Examples include betting on whether a goal will be scored in the following minute or whether a player will be dismissed from the match.

Live betting is a fantastic method to make your betting experience more exciting. However, you need to exercise caution so as not to exhaust your betting allowance too rapidly.

Point Spreads


In terms of sports betting, the point spread is probably the most common wager. Usually, these bets are placed on well-known games with a lot of activity. A team will be assigned points by the oddsmakers, which they must win in order to cover the spread. It’s known as covering the spread if they triumph by a margin greater than what was predicted. They lose or fall short of their opponent’s score if they fail to cover the spread.

Futures wagers are challenging to guess right, but if you succeed, they can pay out handsomely. You can choose which club you think will win its league, division, conference, or even the Super Bowl with these wagers, which are available before the season even begins. Only a little period of time prior to the start of the season are futures bets accessible for particular sports. Therefore, you must stick with your wager for the entire season.

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