Best Tips for Betting on Soccer

In life, you typically get what you put in. This advice even applies if you want to bet on soccer and win money. With that in mind, our experts have put together a few of the best soccer betting tips to help you win money betting on the sport. Let’s start from the top.

Check out Head-to-Heads Stats

The internet, in many ways, is a godsend. In others, well, not so much.

But when it comes to betting on soccer online, you have access to so much information. If you want to win your soccer bets, you should use it. Especially when the bookies are analyzing every single piece of detail there is to make a profit.

By using head-to-head data, you can analyze how two teams have fared in previous encounters. From past results to goals scored, it’s all there.

Team A4946.55
Team B1615.2
GoalsTotalGoal Per Game Average
Team A1551.63
Team B850.89
Team B4643.24
Team A2523.5
GoalsTotalGoal Per Game Average
Team B1531.63
Team A971.03

The data above pits Team A and Team B against each other. Wins, goals scored, and average goals both home and away in these encounters are visible.

Using this data will help you. Some sites show even more comprehensive data that will allow you to potentially spot patterns in the average cards, tackles, and even corners between two sides.

Look for Form 

Never underestimate the importance of form. Especially if you want to win money on your soccer wagers.

Whether it’s a team on a significant winning streak — or a striker that couldn’t stop scoring even if they wanted to — form is often the most important performance factor. Exceptional form can see small teams pull off big wins, potentially making you money. Poor form, on the contrary, can lead to high-profile clubs suffering major upsets. 

Either way, there is the potential for profit to be earned.

Be Cautious When Little is at Stake 

Soccer players are human. As such, it’s only natural that they sometimes display human emotions.

Some players go AWOL in matches where there is little at stake. This can often mean that results can go against big teams when they are playing in matches where there is little to be gained.

For example, a team that has just won the league with 8 matches remaining might find it hard to up the ante against lowly opposition. Sometimes, they might not even field a full side, allowing some of the reserves and youth players to have a shot.

There might not be much to be gained for those teams. And they are hardly concerned about whether you win your soccer bet backing them.

Consider the Elements

Weather can affect results. Yet, some bettors don’t consider the elements at all.

Typically, you will see more goals scored on dry surfaces during the spring and summertime. When it’s hammering down with rain, or games are being played on a snowy/icy pitch, it’s less common to see cricket scores. You can use that to your advantage either way. 

If it’s a rainy night in Stoke, you might believe it better to go for the under 2.5 goal totals market rather than the over. Wet surfaces make for slower, drudgy performances, and players are less likely to want to risk injury in 50/50s. Especially if the game doesn’t matter.

Factor in Morale and Personnel Changes

Morale is hugely important to players’ performances. For example, you’ve surely heard of the term “losing the dressing room?” when it comes to a manager’s shortomings? We’ve seen teams simply refusing to play under certain managers in the past, which has had dire consequences for bettors.

Jose Mourinho, for example, lost the respect of his players when managing the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, and Spurs, and the subsequent revolts led to shocking performances designed to get him sacked.

On the other hand, morale boosts with new managers can often lead to major upturns in performances. The arrival of high-profile players can have positive impacts on team efforts. Conversely, they can also affect the dressing room if that player has replaced one of the club favorites.

Geek Up On the Stats

Most of the top soccer sites have stats to peruse.

You can find so much data these days in so many places. Geeking up on the stats, as we like to call it, means making the best of the time you spend in-between placing your bets. For example, consider if a particular striker does well against teams that play deeper? Does a certain team have a terrific defensive record at home, but melt as soon as they are on the road?

The odds for soccer matches you get are determined, in part, by such stats. If you can find something overlooked by the bookies, you might be on to a winner.

Follow Soccer Media and Respected Pundits

Team news. Injuries. Transfers.

The three factors above are crucial when betting on soccer. While fanatics can tell you the ins and outs of team form and previous performances, there is a lot more to consider before you get your bets down. It always pays to pay attention to soccer news online, via the TV, and on podcasts, etc.

If you can find a truly reputable pundit that has their finger on the pulse, they can also help you make winning soccer bets. Be careful to avoid the charlatans that want to charge you money for stuff such as “soccer tips that are guaranteed to win,” of course. 

Gamble on Obscure Leagues

An important one to remember.

The best soccer leagues to bet on can often be the ones fewer gamblers know about. While it’s fun to wager on the big games, the best betting value can often be found in the lower leagues. With more and more of the best sportsbooks for betting on soccer online providing odds for matches in the lower leagues, it pays to add a little diversity to your bets.

As fewer gamblers bet on leagues in obscure parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America, this can often mean better odds for those willing to make an effort to follow these leagues. 

The value is often better, too.

Use Asian Handicap Markets

This market is so popular with expert soccer betting gurus that we just had to add it here. We are talking, of course, about Asian handicap betting. In essence, this market allows bettors to remove the draw, thus presenting just two results — Win for Team A or Win for Team B.

A traditional soccer betting market will look like this.

  • Celtic -400
  • Motherwell +1800
  • Draw +650

With the draw out of the equation, this leaves just the win for either team. But with Celtic such emphatic favorites, they will be handicapped coming into the match. In other words, like a spread, they will be at a virtual disadvantage to even the stakes.

  • Celtic -2.5 Goals
  • Motherwell +1.5 Goals 

We strongly recommend understanding how this market works. It is an essential way to learn how to bet on soccer like an expert. The following page explains everything you need to know. 

Bet for Corners

Most expert soccer betting strategies involve thinking outside of the box.

No pun intended. For example, betting on corners can be a smart way to make real money from soccer wagers. Teams with four players in attack will usually win more corners as the chances of more shots on target are increased. Conversely, a team playing with one upfront and no wingers are unlikely to yield as many shots on goal or commit defenses to give away corners or throw-ins.

The width of the pitch can also play a part in the number of corners in a match.

Remember to Use the Cash Out Function

One of the perks of betting on soccer online is having the chance to cash out before things go awry.

Not all sportsbooks have this option, so make sure to check the site of your choice does indeed offer cash out before you sign up. It can be a super-useful tool to have at your disposal. Providing you are using it correctly, of course. Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to cashing out but the pros do tend to outweigh the cons.

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