5 Best Horse Racing Statistics Sites for 2022

5 Best Horse Racing Statistics Sites for 2022

5 Best Horse Racing Statistics Sites for 2022: This time, we’re going to talk about betting on horses. Horse betting is probably one of the oldest and most popular ways of betting, still very famous and never lost.

When it comes to horse racing, we have to analyze many variables. Although the vast majority of people “play” their luck and cheer their horses, it is possible to specialize and profit in this market.

It is important to say that no matter what sport the ideal is always looking for privileged information but only talking about horse racing everything happens very fast and in the instant, the event actually happens so the informant on the spot will be in horse betting Ideal for maximum possible success.

Best Horse Racing Statistics Sites

To that end, we’ll bring the best sites here to analyze the competition:

  1. Horse racing station

For those of you who know the least about this market, you know that Racing Post is basically the ideal manual for bettors.

Inside, you’ll find key information on almost all, if not all, of each race, regardless of its location.

Inside you’ll find all the full cards, past results, and general stats, whether it’s horses, jockeys, tracks… With so many variables, the main concern here is not to get lost in so many things Orientation data.

In addition to this, the site also offers a paid subscription service and dedicated tips for those who do not have this knowledge but still want to invest in the environment.

Advanced information is also available in other subscription features, and of course, subscribers are always privileged here. However, most of the site’s content is free and large enough for a big analysis.


  1. During the game

The At The Races page follows and even gets differentiated information that can sometimes be overly simplistic and end up shortening the path for some races.

In addition to all the general information and expert predictions like any other site, At The Race provides each runner with a saga that showcases major weaknesses and potential.

For those who can’t find it, the little squares next to each hallway, in grey, blue and yellow, are the famous gold.

In the case of a “golden” evaluation of a particular horse, it is best to be mindful of this, as this can be a strong sign of favoritism based on the system’s analytical metrics.

Curiously, in some races there may well be only one or two horses with the gold seal, which sends an alarm signal in case the analysis is skewed towards these horses, indicating a strong winning trend.


  1. Pattern form

Pattern forms usually require more attention and understanding of numbers. It doesn’t have such a nice layout, but it provides nice statistics to add to your analysis.

The main purpose of this portal is to observe the course of a particular horse itself in past races.

That is, it is possible to know whether he usually starts from the front, or whether he tends to start from the back, and from this, it is also possible to know how each runner reacts and evolves during the race.


  1. Sports life

In this portal, we usually have more of the same, but we know the importance of gathering as much information and data as possible to reach a consensus.

In Sports Life, we will find the odds for each horse based on the website system and highlight basic information such as age, weight, jockey, etc.

The key thing to look at here is the brief review below each horse (another expert overview), but we’ll also document the horse’s overall performance, which may also be another focus in your analysis.


  1. Utility Punt

In this portal, we will have something more like an application than a general information site. Practical Punting, it’s a real arsenal for those looking to grow in this market.

On the relevant website, simply register for free to access numerous service options, whether for general analysis or for building models and in addition to being able to register your own tips, there is a tab for buying tips.

Another interesting feature is the quick “Betting Calculator” where you can place Dutch bets, i.e. pick your favorite game in your mind and then distribute your bets there to balance the final profit.

This feature is widely used by horse betting professionals and is worth looking into if you’re unfamiliar.

However, the main functionality of this portal is in a tab called System Builder. In base translation, it would be “build system”.

In it, almost every effort can be made to find the best option. You can choose from options like tracks, races, wins, ROI, hit rate, etc. based on past odds, and in short…

There are countless other variables that allow you to create your own model and choose everything according to your needs, just run the system and it will give you all the best options to bet on the selected information.


Horse Racing Statistics Sites for 2022 other options

All in all, it’s very important to always stress the need to have a good understanding of what you’re doing, so don’t look around here without first looking to research and improve your analysis so you can build the best model for you. Given the information you have.

First, a good tip is to master all the technical terms and understand what each piece of information is for.

If you still don’t know the terms “furlong”, “length”, group, grade, and type of floor (hard, dry, hard, soft…), then obviously you need to do a lot before doing anything Research.

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