Best Online Sports Betting Sites 2022

Rankings and reviews of multiple online casinos, sports betting sites and other betting sites

bet365 casino

100% wagering credit deposits up to $200 .

Reputable, recognizable, and rewarding, bet365 has become one of the top online sports betting sites in Canada. The online sportsbook features all of the popular sports and offers very impressive coverage while sticking to a user-friendly interface.

1xbet sportsbook

First deposit bonus up to €130

By betting on 1xBet games, you can double your winnings. Every day, 1xBet randomly chooses 10,000 winners and doubles their winnings. The minimum bet amount for this promotional offer is Є1. However, you aren’t allowed to use free bets.

22bet sportsbook

100% match up to £250 for new players

Full details on active on active and available promotions can be found directly on 22Bet website to learn more.

William Hill sportsbook

New bettors also get a 300% bonus on their initial bet

Full details on active on active and available promotions can be found directly on WilliamHill's website to learn more.

parimatch sportsbook

Bet £5 And Get A £30 Bonus

Opt In, bet £5 (odds 2.00+) within 7 days of registration & get 2x £10 Free Bets for set events (odds 2.00+) + £10, Slots Bonus, selected games, 20x wagering to withdraw max £250. Bonuses expire in 7 days. Card Payments only. T&Cs Apply. 18+

nicebetting Welcome to the Best Betting Rating Site

Best Online Sports Betting Sites is the internet’s most comprehensive guide to the world’s best online gambling sites. This website is a genuine goldmine for gamblers, with information and expert advice on just about every gambling-related topic under the sun.

Our main objective is to ensure you enjoy safe online betting and gaming at reputable and trustworthy gambling sites. You’ll find full details on everything else we have to offer throughout this page, but let’s start with our latest rankings of the best gambling sites.

nicebetting Finding the Best Betting Site for You

We don’t take a “one-size fits all” approach to recommending online gambling sites. It’s important that we help our users find sites that suit their own personal needs and requirements.

That’s why we maintain regularly updated rankings of the best gambling sites in a wide range of categories. You’ll find all these categories listed and discussed on the following page.

There are many websites on the internet that provide a similar service to You only have to do a Google search for “top 5 gambling sites” to see that.

We don’t believe that offering one single list of the best sites is enough though. While all of our recommendations have been carefully reviewed and rated, we know everyone has their own preferences. The best site for you might not be the same as the best site for me.


For example, if you’re looking to bet on sports online from the United States, then you’ll want a completely different site from someone that’s looking to play real money casino games from the United Kingdom. Online gambling covers a broad spectrum of betting and gaming activities, and things work differently in different regions.

It’s for precisely that reason that we haven’t stopped with just the one list of the top gambling sites. Here are some examples of other categories we rank sites for.


These are only a few of our most popular categories. We actually rank the top sites in dozens of different categories. Many of these categories are based on specific regions, types of gambling, or payment methods, but there are all kinds of other ones, too.

Basically, we make it as easy as possible for you to find the very best gambling sites for your own personal wants and needs.

nicebetting Is Online Betting Safe?

Let’s address this question before we go any further, as it’s the one that we get asked about more than any other. Many people understandably have concerns about depositing real money online for gambling purposes, and we’d like to reassure you that it’s entirely safe to do so.

The simple fact of that matter is that online gambling IS safe, but only if you use the right sites. That’s why we take such great care when compiling our rankings. Gambling websites only earn our coveted seal of approval if we KNOW that they are safe, trustworthy, and reliable.

There are multiple reasons why we recommend using our website to find the best places to gamble online. You can rely on our rankings because we work very hard to ensure that they are kept accurate and up to date. This is more difficult than you might think, as things change a lot in the online gambling industry.



We’ll help you get started, even if you’ve never gambled before.


Another reason you can rely on our rankings is that we work very hard to ensure that they are kept accurate and up to date. This is more difficult than you might think, as things change a lot in the online gambling industry. Relatively speaking, the industry is still in its infancy. It has evolved at a rapid pace since its early days and continues to do so.

Keeping track of technological advances, regulatory changes, and news sites, and making sure our rankings reflect any developments, is a major undertaking. It’s hard enough for us to do with our large, experienced team, so it’s almost impossible for the average gambler.

Of course, we don’t expect you to just blindly follow our recommendations. That’s why we also provide detailed explanations of why we recommend them and what factors we consider when compiling our rankings. In addition, we provide comprehensive reviews of all our recommended sites.

We get into all that a little later on in this page. Now, though, it’s time to learn a little bit more about this website and the people behind it.

nicebetting How We Find the Best Betting Sites

We don’t expect you to trust our site rankings without knowing anything about them. However, once you understand the process we use, we think you will be more inclined to trust us.

The first thing we do is weed out sites that are not up to our standards. Within a few minutes, we can determine whether the site is licensed, what software providers they use, and for sports betting markets, poker tournaments, or casino games.

If the site doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t waste any more time. Our strict standards in these areas help us recommend the best online gambling sites because we know they are safe and trustworthy.

Once we have determined that the site meets our basic standards, we start digging. We research every aspect of the site, including the company that operates it. Here are some of the features we are looking for.

A safe and trustworthy site

Operated by a reputable and experienced company

Game and betting variety

Valuable bonuses with reasonable terms

Multiple convenient banking methods

Mobile gambling options

Responsive and knowledgeable customer service


One of the most influential aspects of our research process is exploring online gambling forums and customer reviews. We want to see what real customers are saying about the site to ensure that the customers’ experiences align with everything the site claims to offer.

Then we continue verifying that information by testing the site ourselves. We create an account, make a deposit, place wagers, claim bonuses, contact customer service, and request withdrawals. That process takes time, but we do it because we want to have first-hand experience with every aspect of the site.

After all of that research and testing, we start to rank the site by comparing it to different sites in similar categories. Our rankings change based on which site we think is the top site for certain features. That way, you can find the site that works best for your preferences.

Finally, we continuously review and update our rankings. New sites can take the place of older ones, or some sites may move up in the rankings because they add new features. That way, our recommendations are always accurate and up-to-date.

nicebetting Our Betting Site Reviews

While our rankings compare several top-rated sites based on specific characteristics, our reviews offer an in-depth look at a single site in particular. They cover everything you need to know about a specific site. Here are a few examples of some of our most popular reviews.

Our reviews are designed to work for you. Read the review from top to bottom if you want to know everything about a site. You can also skip to relevant sections to find specific pieces of information.

Honesty is the most valuable part of our reviews. We tell it like it is, intentionally pointing out aspects of the site that we didn’t like. Our reviews are mostly positive because we only recommend the best sites. But every site has flaws, and we aren’t afraid to point those out.

Another thing you should know about our reviews is that the information we include depends on the form of gambling the site offers. We include some basic information in every review, but the rest depends on the gambling options. Here are some examples.


Licensing and company background

Bonuses and VIP programs

Banking methods

Mobile gambling options

Pros and cons

Available betting markets

Betting features

Esports and horse racing

Platform review

Distinctive betting opportunities

Of course, some of the best sites are all-in-one sites that offer all or some of these different formats together. We cover the relevant information depending on the gambling options that each site offers.

There are hundreds of gambling site reviews online that claim to tell you about specific sites. Unfortunately, many are formulaic, overly optimistic, or just another advertisement. Our reviews are different. You can find all of our comprehensive reviews here.

All Our Betting Site Reviews

nicebetting How to Avoid Scam Betting Sites

Unfortunately, not all of the sports betting and casino sites on the internet are as good as the ones we recommend. There are several scam sites that use unfair games, complicated terms, and conditions, or other tactics to take advantage of customers.

Here are a few examples of scam sites and why you should avoid them.

Cosmilk Casino is a site operated by AFFPOWER. This company is known for unethical marketing practices, including hacking other people’s blogs to add their advertisements. They have also offered pirated games and canceled players’ winnings because of minor infractions.

BetDNA and other sites operated by Opera Costa Rica are unsafe sites. They use pirated software, including games that aren’t fair or random. These sites are not licensed, and they do not pay players.

TOPGAME Casinos is a scam company that operates 27 scam sites. Their sites have stalled payment, ignored players who contacted customer service and only paid customers after being hassled. The sites’ low weekly withdrawal limits suggest they don’t manage their funds well.

These are just a few examples to give you an idea of how gambling sites can fool players. They use predatory terms and conditions so that when you have a problem or complaint, they can just point to the T&C page to quiet customers. Other sites send spam emails, install malware, or use false advertising to trick customers.

So, avoiding the wrong sites is even more important than finding the best online gambling sites. We are here to help with that too. You can visit the links below to visit our blacklisted casino’s page, where we regularly update our list of sites that have participated in these scam behaviors. Or you can visit our safe gambling sites page to find out which sites are the safest options.

Safest Online Betting Sites

nicebetting Gambling-Related Information and Advice

You didn’t think we were done yet, did you? That’s right, there’s even MORE on this site we need to tell you about.

Let’s start this part of the page by detailing a very important section of our site that deals with an online gambling question that we get asked a LOT.


Saying we get asked this question a lot is actually an understatement. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. The laws relating to online gambling vary wildly from one region to the next, and they can change at any time. Some countries don’t even have any specific legislation to deal with online betting and gaming.
Nonetheless, we do our best to keep our readers up to date with the legality of online gambling around the world. Our section on online gambling laws is one of the most-visited sections on our website and is well worth a look.

The legal issues surrounding online gambling aren’t exactly fun. We do recommend that you’re at least up to date with any online gambling laws that might affect you, but we won’t pretend that it’s an entertaining subject to learn about.

Thankfully, many of the other topics we cover here ARE a lot of fun. Here’s a list of some of the remaining things we cover on our website.

Biographies from the Gambling Industry

Progressive Betting Systems

Gambling Movies

Famous Gamblers

A History of Gambling

Gambling Books

Great Gambling Quotes

Careers in the Gambling Industry

nicebetting Final Piece of Important Advice

Gambling can and should be fun. However, it would be remiss of us if we didn’t point out that, for some people, gambling can be problematic.

Such people are firmly in the minority, but problem gambling is a serious issue. Gambling can be addictive, and it can be very easy for things to get out of control very quickly unless you follow the #1 golden rule.


You can spend as much money as you want on gambling, providing that it’s not money that you need for other things. That’s when gambling stops being fun and starts being a problem. Everyone thinks it will never happen to them, so everyone should exercise caution.

We have two pages on this site that we want you to know about before you start exploring everything else we have to offer.

Everyone should read the first page about how to gamble responsibly. If you follow the advice we offer there, then hopefully you’ll never need the second one. But if you ever feel like things are getting out of control, check out the second page for resources to get help.

All that remains now is for us to simply wish you good luck. We hope you enjoy your gambling experiences and have plenty of fun. Just remember that you should ALWAYS stick to safe and reputable online gambling sites.

nicebetting Online Gambling Questions Answered: is a well-established website that has been around for many years. The owners, staff, and contributors are all committed to ensuring it’s a useful and accurate gambling resource. We have many experienced gamblers on the team, with a shared passion for the subject.

Although our website is very comprehensive, and covers many topics, the rankings and recommendations are the cornerstone of what we do. You can be absolutely certain that they genuinely reflect the best places to gamble online at any given time.

We certainly can’t guarantee that you’ll win money from gambling. However, we definitely CAN provide you with information and advice that will improve your overall chances.

Broadly speaking, yes, but the regulations vary by country or state. Also not ALL betting sites are licensed. Those that aren’t are not subject to any regulation at all.

The majority of betting sites ARE regulated, though. Licensing organizations have strict standards about what sites can and can’t do, including rules about regular third-party auditing to make sure the sites are provably safe and fair.

No one form of betting is definitively better than any of the others. It ultimately comes down to personal preferences. Our advice to betting newbies is to experiment a little with the various different betting types that are available and see what you enjoy the most.

We would strongly recommend that you keep your stakes small when starting out, though, as there’s a good chance you’ll lose money as a beginner.

The answer for this is not the same for everyone, as it depends on a number of factors. What we will say is that Bitcoin is a deposit method well worth considering if you live in the United States and wish to gamble online.

Regulated betting sites are usually obliged by their regulators to confirm that you are who say you are. This is to help prevent fraudulent activity and ensure there is no money laundering taking place.

This varies from one site to the next and can depend on a number of factors. Generally speaking, the top betting sites, such as the ones we recommend, will process and pay withdrawals promptly. This can be as quick as just a few hours, although it can take up to a few days.